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DOP Chapter 323 – Meeting an Old Rival (3)

Chapter 323 – Meeting an Old Rival (3)
Translated by: Andy
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Thursday’s Chapter 😮

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From under that alligator, Liu Yue appeared from the water.

“Be careful.” Liu Yue warned as she emerged.

Before Xuan Yuan Che could react, Liu Yue was on the move already. Her dagger appeared in her hands as she rushed forward and killed an alligator that was fighting Qiu Hen.

At the same time, three large gators appeared behind Qiu Hen and was about to take him down.

Liu Yue immediately threw three daggers towards them. Each dagger accurately struck the gators’ heads, killing them immediately.

“Miss.” Qiu Hen struggled and got rid of the dead gator that was on his arm. He looked over at Liu Yue and called out to her.

A grateful expression appeared in his eyes.

Liu Yue saw that Qiu Hen’s arm was injured with blood gushing out. She couldn’t help but frown and yelled out, “Quick. Jump onto the cliff.”

Although the gators don’t have a great sense of smell, if they do smell your blood, it will be very hard to get away from them.

The river was not that big. They can easily cross over it without a problem using their martial arts. It might take a while with the gators in the way but when the entire hoard comes, it will be very hard to get away.

Right after telling Qiu Hen to run, she went over to Xuan Yuan Che and grabbed onto him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and hugged his body. “Jump!” she yelled out.

As Xuan Yuan Che jumped, Liu Yue maneuvered her body easily and killed the gators that jumped at them.

When Xuan Yuan Che saw each alligator fall, he took advantage of this and stepped onto them to get onto the small cliff above them.

With her head upside down, Liu Yue’s leg held onto Xuan Yuan Che’s waist tightly as she fought the gators who were jumping up at them.

With this, Xuan Yuan Che was able to climb the small cliff without any worries.

In just a few moments, Xuan Yuan Che had already reached the cliff.

Once they got on, Liu Yue got off Xuan Yuan Che and landed on the ground.

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