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DOP Chapter 322 – Meeting an Old Rival (2)

Chapter 322 – Meeting an Old Rival (2)
Translated by: Andy
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Using the back of the falling alligator as support, Liu Yue jumped out of the water.

She looked around. The water was moving faster and faster. There were many alligators coming towards them.

The iron colored armor skin on their skin glistered. The gators all looked very sinister.

“Damn it. What the hell are these things?” Xuan Yuan Che quickly jumped out of the water as well.

“Holy shit!” At the same time, Murong Wu Di yelled out as he jumped out of the water with Qiu Hen and Yan Hu with their sword in their hands. They were being surrounded by a numerous amount of gators.

The four of them were astonished. How could something be so fierce? What the hell is this? How come they’ve never seen this before.

The gators all opened their mouths and looked towards the sky.

They all started to throw themselves at Liu Yue and the others. A red glow appeared in their eyes, emitting a feeling of joy as they hunt their prey.

Liu Yue’s arm swept through the air. Against Liu Yue’s dagger, the tough skin on the gator’s body was as soft as tofu. Once the dagger moved, blood immediately followed.

With both his hands, Xuan Yuan Che clamped one of the gator’s mouth close and fiercely ripped its bottom jaw.

Xuan Yuan Che had actually ripped a live alligator in half with his bare hands….

Before he could even throw the corpse of the first alligator away, two more jumped towards him. Their white teeth showed as they were ready to chomp down on Xuan Yuan Che.

Xuan Yuan Che furrowed his brow and unsheathed his sword by his waist. With a thrust, he struck the gator coming from his right. With his free hand, he used his qi and struck the gator on his left.

With a ‘Bang’ sound, the gators dropped dead and floated on top of the water.

As he was fighting against the two gators that jumped towards him, there was a hidden gator under the water rushing towards him. It was ready to chomp of Xuan Yuan Che’s legs.

Xuan Yuan Che felt the movement and cursed inwards.

Before he could react, the gator that was ready to chomp down on his leg suddenly dropped dead.

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  1. Leafyeyes417 says:

    After they get out of this, I’m sure Liu Yue will reprimand him for not listening to her. “Next time, don’t do anything unless I say it is okay first.” Or something like that. XD

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Busybee says:

    Thanks Andy for the chapter. Wow. From man eating flowers to bees to alligators. Wonder what other creatures that will be coming their way.

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