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DOP Chapter 321 – Meeting an old Rival (1)

Chapter 321 – Meeting the Rival (1)
Translated by: Andy
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Xuan Yuan Che noticed the change as well and grabbed onto Liu Yue’s hand

Liu Yue silently shook her head. Without knowing the terrain of the rainforest, Xuan Yuan Che dared to jump into the river….

She let go of Xuan Yuan Che’s hands and quickly wrote a few words on Xuan Yuan Che’s chest. With her dagger, she cut through the debris that were flying towards them.

From under the water, a black shadow moved quickly towards them.

“Boom!” Water splashed everywhere. A large head appeared from the water. It’s mouth was wide open, showing off its numerous sharp white teeths. It got closer and closer to Liu Yue and tried to bite her down.

Once the iron colored body appeared from the depths of the river, the bumblebees began to scatter. It seemed as if the bees knew that it was very dangerous.

An alligator. One of the strongest and fiercest beasts in the rainforest.

Liu Yue turned around quickly and a cold smile appeared on her face. She jumped forward and was right under the alligator. With her dagger, she quickly struck the alligator’s lower jaw.

Once the dagger struck, she twisted her arms and flesh blood gushed out. This was one of the alligator’s only weak spots.

She knew about all these things from her previous life.

She retrieved her dagger and didn’t even look at the dying alligator as she moved away. She then turned and ran towards another alligator.

At the same time, Xuan Yuan Che who was behind her kicked one of the alligators in its abdominals. The gator flew out of the water into the air.

It flew towards the bees and dispersed them until they disappeared.

Liu Yue’s arm moved as fast as lightning as she thrusted her dagger into the other gator’s jaws. The gator’s jaw that have the force of a few thousand pounds…. It was easily stopped and pierced through by liu Yue and her dagger.

A divine weapon. This was something that Liu Yue had specially crafted

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