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DOP Chapter 320 – The Secret Jungle (13)

Chapter 320 – The Secret Jungle (13)
Translated by: Andy
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Friday’s chapter. I’ll have to push tonight’s chapter to tomorrow 🙁

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“No. I’ve found the way out.” A muffled voice sounded. Xuan Yuan Che, while carrying Liu Yue, looked as if he was flying in the air. Next to them, a swarm of bumblebees buzzed loudly.

If the bees want to harm someone, they can harm Xuan Yuan Che. No matter what, he will not let them touch Liu Yue at all.

Xuan Yuan Che moved like lightning. He jumped from tree to tree, trying to escape from the bees.

Behind them, the swarm furiously chased.

Under the golden orange sunlight, the group of five gracefully and elegantly drifted through the secret forest as a swarm of black bumblebees chased.

The sound of river water could be heard as they traversed across the forest.

Water… Liu Yue’s ears perked up. If there was water, that means that there was a way out of this. Although the bumblebees were overlords of the sky, the could not enter water.

Liu Yue immediately calmed down. It seems like Xuan Yuan Che wasn’t as stupid as she thought he was. To be able to smell the scent of a nearby river, that was impressive.

While thinking about that, Liu Yue suddenly felt a wave of coldness. Xuan Yuan Che had carried her into the river.

The sound of water flowing and the smell of mud and fish entered through her ears and nose

Once they entered the water, Xuan Yuan Che slowly let go of Liu Yue and made a few hand gestures. He pulled her forward and caught up with Murong Wu Di and the others.

With the wave of water pushing against her and the smell of mud rushing into her nose, Liu Yue finally poked her head out of the water to get some fresh air and looked around. The sun was starting to set and the night was approaching. The swarm of bumble bees were flying away.

Liu Yue smiled and went back under water. She was in a very good mood.

Liu Yue decided to let them fly away and spare their life. Xuan Yuan Che’s plan wasn’t the only way to get rid of them. Liu Yue had a plan of her own.

The water began to move quicker and quicker. The waves began to move on top of one another.

Liu Yue felt that something was wrong. The wave was pushing against her without stopping.

It was pushing very heavily. It was out of the norms.

Something’s not right. The river has an overlord too. There’s something under them.

When the party looked down, numerous amount of waves shot towards them from all directions.

The water began to roll around. Air bubbles appeared as if the water was boiling. A murderous aura appeared from under the river.

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