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DOP Chapter 319 – The Secret Jungle (12)

Chapter 319 – The Secret Jungle (12)
Translated by: Andy
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‘Don’t move.” Xuan Yuan Che replied. He started to hold her tighter and buried her entire face into his chest.

The sound of the bees moving became clearer and clearer. It was so clear that one could hear the flapping of the wings.

The group was moving very quickly but these flying creatures were moving even more quickly.

With her face right in Xuan Yuan Che’s chest, it was very hard for Liu Yue to breathe and she didn’t feel very comfortable.

His chest was very hard. It didn’t feel good at all.

However, his chest was warm. It helped warm up her heart and made her feel better.

She could feel Xuan Yuan Che’s love for her. She suddenly stopped struggling and allowed Xuan Yuan Che to protect her. She wasn’t alone anymore.

His chest was hard but it was something that she could rely on. It wasn’t comfortable but it could support her.

So this was how being protected feels like.

Ever since she was born, she had never been protected by someone in her life. She had to do the protecting.

That was because everyone knows that, Liu Yue, the world’s greatest mercenary, didn’t need anyone to protect her. She was the strongest. No one could protect her. If anyone talked about protecting her at all, they would be disrespecting her abilities.

But in reality, she wanted someone to protect her. It’s not like she didn’t want anyone to help her but instead, no one could protect her. Thus, after going on so many missions, she became very lonely. She only relied on herself and didn’t need or want anyone else to help her.

However, this feeling that she was feeling right now was great. To be protected by her loved one, it was the greatest feeling in the world for her.

She had a slight smile on her face. This Xuan Yuan Che… Liu Yue loved him more and more.

“Come on stupid. Let me go. I’ll guide you guys.” While smiling, Liu Yue called out.

These people didn’t know the rainforest very well. They’re just aimlessly running around.

She was really happy after tasting the feeling of protection. However this wasn’t the time to be all sweet. They had a problem in front of them.

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