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DOP Chapter 318 – The Secret Jungle (11)

Chapter 318 – The Secret Jungle (11)
Translated by: Andy
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Only after a hundred years will the flower grow into a full flower.

At that time, you can just leave it around and it will kill people for you.

After saying that, Qiu Hen’s face turned twisted. Murong Wu Di rubbed his nose and Yan Hu sympathetically looked at Qiu Hen.

Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Che laughed out loud and grabbed Liu Yue’s hands tightly. It seems like Liu Yue didn’t have that dark aura around her anymore.

Seeing how happy Xuan Yuan Che was, Liu Yue shook her head and wanted to say something. However a buzzing sound appeared and was getting closer to them.

The sound was getting closer and closer to them.

Liu Yue raised her brows and she quickly looked around.

When the man eating flower opens up, it will release a special pollen and attract bugs from all around. She wanted to see what kind of bug was approaching them.

She continued to look around as the sound got closer and closer.

The others all heard the sound as well.

“Bumblebees!” Xuan Yuan Che’s face changed when he saw the bees approaching.

They all turned and look at the tall trees behind them. In between the trees, a swarm of bumble bees were flying closer and closers

The amount of bees covered the entire forest.

“This way!” Liu Yue’s expression sank. She grabbed Xuan Yuan Che’s arms and turned immediately.

The stings from the bumble bees weren’t that poisonous at all. It’s fine if you got stung once or twice. However, if you are swarmed by an entire group of them, you will definitely die.

The group continued to move. While moving, Xuan Yuan Che suddenly grabbed Liu Yue by the waist and held her in his arms.

Liu Yue was suddenly being carried by a child. She could feel the wind blowing by her. Xuan Yuan Che was moving very quickly.

“Let me go!” Liu Yue pouted. However with her face in his chest, her words came out as mumbles.

She didn’t need his help. She could handle herself.

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