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DOP Chapter 317 – The Secret Jungle (10)

Chapter 317 – The Secret Jungle (10)
Translated by: Andy
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To kill everything in her path. In the jungle, it is all about the survival of the fittest.

Liu Yue felt pats on her back and Xuan Yuan Che grasping her hand tightly. It felt very warm. They were silently supporting her.

Her brows trembled. Her family, her companions, and Xuan Yuan Che were telling her that she was not alone any more.

She wasn’t that 15 year old who was running in the forest by herself anymore. She wasn’t that young girl who didn’t have any family member or companions anymore. She didn’t have to run anymore.

Now, the people with her weren’t her enemies and people who she couldn’t trust. They were her family. They were companions who would die for her. They were people who she could trust with her life.

She wasn’t alone anymore.

Liu Yue took a deep breath and looked at Qiu Hen and the others, “I’ll try my best.”

She had to suppress the traumatic event that she felt when she was younger. It wasn’t easy but she’ll try to change for Xuan Yuan Che. For her companions.

“It won’t happen again. It won’t happen again.” Yan Hu came back to his senses and shook his head. He got down on his knees and apologized while guaranteeing that it won’t happen again.

In this place, even the plants can kill you easily. Next time, she’ll follow whatever Liu Yue does. If the princess is sitting, he won’t dare to stand. If the princess is standing, he won’t dare to sit. He’ll follow everything that she does.

Liu Yue looked at how Yan Hu was like worshiping her and didn’t say anything. She pulled Xuan Yuan Che’s hand and turned around, “Let’s go.”

“However, this flower could be useful. We can get some seeds from these flowers for later uses. If anyone wants to come and attack us, they will be surprised and won’t be able to guard against these flowers.” Qiu Hen pondered as he followed Liu Yue and rubbed his chin.

Killing the enemy without doing anything? This was good stuff.

After hearing this, a supercilious look appeared on Liu Yue’s face as she coldly replied, “ Okay. The Man eating flower needs to eat at least ten people in order to fully bloom.”

Ten lives for a flower. That means that in order to receive a seedling, you would need to feed the flower ten lives.

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  1. Phantom Starlight says:

    Well, theres a mountain of dead spiders and snakes just over yonder.
    or are you trying to say these things are picky and require ‘outsiders’ (humans in thjs case)

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