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DOP Chapter 316 – The Secret Jungle (9)

Chapter 316 – The Secret Jungle (9)
Translated by: Andy
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If the other three could not catch up to her, she would ruthlessly abandon them. She wasn’t willing to hold their hand all the way through the ordeal.

She won’t let anyone else drag her down.

Batting his eyes a few times, Xuan Yuan Che extended his arm and grabbed Liu Yue’s hands.

He didn’t like this feeling. It was the feeling of solitude and darkness.

Liu Yue was a normally a slick and sly person, but every time she had something hidden deep inside her heart, Xuan Yuan Che would be able to tell what it was. This time it was solitude. She was even more lonely than he was.

Originally, she became less solitude after meeting him and spending time with him. However, after coming into the forest, she started to revert back to her old self.

In this kind of dark and dangerous environment, Liu Yue became colder and colder.

He pulled Liu Yue towards him and hugged her. With an alluring smile, he blew on Liu Yue’s nose, “Don’t be like that Yue. Just give them a warning next time. We’re all family here so you don’t have to be so strict with them. They know what’s good for them.”

His voice sounded very warm, like a gentle spring breeze blowing by her ear. It was very refreshing.

Hearing his voice, Liu Yue raised her brow and looked deeply at Xuan Yuan Che.

Xuan Yuan Che was the one who understands her the best. He was the one who cared for her the most.

A worried look appeared in his eyes. He was genuinely worried for her.

Liu Yue knew that. Ever since they entered the forest, she had a dark aura around her. It was the aura of solitude. She knew that Xuan Yuan Che felt it as well.

She was trying to her best to control it. However, she was unable to suppress all of it.

The tropical rainforest did not give her a good feeling. It was exactly like the time when she was in the amazon rainforest. She didn’t like this place at all.

She clearly remembered how she was able to escape the amazon rainforest. She had to kill. She had to unconditionally kill everything in her way to escape.

This event left a dark feeling in her heart. After entering, she kept thinking about the events from that time. The two places were too similar. If she can’t clear her mind right now, it will definitely affect not only herself but the people with her as well.

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  1. Luxia says:

    I think “she became less solitude after meeting him” should be “she became less lonely after meeting him”?

    Thanks for the chapter, Andy! 🙂

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