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DOP Chapter 315 – The Secret Jungle (8)

Chapter 315 – The Secret Jungle (8)
Translated by: Andy
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At that time, Liu Yue also looked over. Her expression became even more serious and coldly yelled out, “Get the hell away from that!”

Before Yan Hu could finish his sentence, he immediately jumped away when he heard Liu Yue yell out.

In a split second right after Yan Hu jumped away, the petals trembled and quickly snapped closed.

“What?” Xuan Yuan Che looked over at Liu Yue. “Get the hell away.” Isn’t something that Liu Yue would say.

After saying that, Liu Yue’s hands moved quickly and a net shot out of her sleeves. It caught a snake and binded it. She then pulled the net towards herself and threw it at the flower.

When the flower sensed the snake being thrown at it, it opened up and closed again in a split second.

When it finally opened up again, the venomous snake had disappeared. Only pieces of its crushed bones could be seen falling out of the flower.

The entire group was bewildered at the scene. Even the calm Xuan Yuan Che was shocked at scene in front of them.

On the side, Yan Hu was the most shocked out of all of them and was trembling.

Liu Yue looked at the gigantic flower and coldly snorted.

A man eating flower. Liu Yue didn’t think that such a thing would appear there. Back in her world, she had explored the entire amazon and did not find such flower.

“Don’t move or touch things randomly. The next time you do, you’ll be greeting king yama(hades). Liu Yue warned the group with a serious look.

The shocked Xuan Yuan Che came back to his senses and looked at the serious and cold Liu Yue.

She was emotionless. She looked very grim.

She had an unapproachable and aura of solitude around her. It was very dark. Xuan Yuan Che didn’t like this at all. It made him feel very uncomfortable.

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  1. Busybee says:

    Thanks Andy. Can’t blame LY for being emotionless and grim. Any single misstep spells terrible death for them. This is no stroll in the park.

  2. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot!
    this lot of men would be in greater danger without liu yue! hm, author is quite focusing on yuan che not liking the way liu yue currently is.

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