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DOP Chapter 314 – The Secret Jungle (7)

Chapter 314 – The Secret Jungle (7)
Translated by: Andy
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Friday 2/2
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The group ran very quickly. After enduring for about half an hour, they finally left the spiders’ territory.

Once they stopped, Xuan Yuan Che let go of Liu Yue’s hand. His expression was different from when they were trying to escape.

Liu Yue quickly turned around and checked if any of the venom splattered on Xuan Yuan Che.

“What the hell was that.” Yan Hu quickly ran up and leaned against something. He wiped the venom off his sword on the ground and cursed.

“In a place like this, there is bound to be a lot of venomous creatures.” Murong Wu Di wiped the venom off his sword as well and replied.

In a hot tropical area like the rainforest, it was normal for a lot of venomous creatures to be seen.

“Damn. Even though they can’t really hurt us, there were too many of them.” Qiu Hen sighed.

“Don’t worry. The creatures that can easily kill us will appear later on.” After checking that there was nothing on Xuan Yuan Che, Liu Yue turned around and coldly replied.

Xuan Yuan Che chuckled, “Later on huh….. Hold on, what’s that big flower?”

While laughing, Xuan Yuan Che suddenly noticed the huge flower behind Yan Hu. He was flabbergasted. He had never seen such a big flower in his life.

Hearing how shocked Xuan Yuan Che was, Murong Wu Di and the others looked over as well.

They saw the large elegant flower that was right behind Yan Hu. The flower gave off a sweet fragrance. It was brilliantly blooming.

There were five petals in total. Each petal was very thick and were as long as a person’s arm.

At that time, Yan Hu was moved back and leaned against one of the petals.

Murong Wu Di and Qiu Hen were both shocked. They have traveled to many places in their lives but they have never seen a flower this big. It was a lot bigger than a person!

Seeing how everyone was looking at him, Yan Hu raised his brows and turned around, “Let’s see how big this thing is…..”

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