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DOP Chapter 313 – The Secret Jungle (6)

Chapter 313 – The Secret Jungle (6)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:

Friday’s Chapters 1/2 🙁

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There were many transparent spider webs on top of the trees. They were easily overlooked if one did not look carefully.

“Spider? These are spiders?” Yan Hu raised his brow.

These things were as big as an adult’s palm and were very colorful. They looked exactly like fresh flowers. How can these things be spiders?

“Let’s go!” Liu Yue yelled out and started to run.

Behind her, Xuan Yuan Che and the others followed quickly.

These spiders were venomous. Just by looking at them, even an idiot can tell that it was dangerous. This was because most exotic creatures that have vibrant colors were usually very venomous. There were also a many ferocious spider in front of them. It was very dangerous to stay around. They had to leave the area quickly.

Very quickly the entire area was filled entirely with spiders. It looks like Liu Yue and her crew had entered their territory so they all came running out. There were many spiders coming down from the trees and crawling on the ground.

With their hairy legs and their colorful bodies, they started chasing Liu Yue and her crew. At that moment, one of the spiders saw a butterfly flying around carelessly and immediately attacked it. The butterfly tried to struggle but was instantly killed by the spider’s venoms.

Seeing this scene, Xuan Yuan Che’s face sank. He quickly caught up with Liu Yue with his sword in his hand. With their backs against each other, they charged towards the spiders that were blocking their path.

Liu Yue had a serious expression as she took out her daggers without wasting any time.

Behind them, Murong Wu Di, Qiu Hen, and Yan Hu all took out their swords and prepared for battle.

The numerous amount of spiders fell from the sky. When they saw the rays of light reflected by the silver weapons, they immediately began to attack.

The swords danced wildly, cutting many spiders down.

The five people quickly ran out of the spiders territory while trying to defend themselves.

On the way, they provoked many venomous snakes as well.

With their weapons, the five people cut through the venomous creatures, running for their lives.

All that was left behind them was a mountain of colorful and venomous corpses. Thick venom were leaking from these corpses which withered the entire area behind them.

As the group continued to move forward as they left black trail behind them.

Xuan Yuan Che and the others were not weak at all. Once they started to attack, they wouldn’t rest until they killed everything in their way.

The spiders and snakes fell one after the other causing the entire to be filled with a poisonous scent.

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  1. teh 1 says:

    Poisons are toxic chemicals that are ingested, whereas venoms are toxic chemicals injected by venomous creatures like snakes and spiders. In this case, all references to poison should be changed to venom.

    • Andy says:

      oh yeah. that was the word I was looking for lol. I used it in the last chapter and couldn’t think of it for some reason. thanks :’)

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