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DOP Chapter 312 – The Secret Jungle (5)

Chapter 312 – The Secret Jungle (5)
Translated by: Andy
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Last nights chapters. (2/2)

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All they saw was that the black arrow that Liu Yue sent out was stuck on the ground piercing the snake that Murong Wu Di had killed already

“This…..”The snake was killed by Murong Wu Di already. Why did she have to do that?

Before he continued to talk, Qiu Hen looked at the snake again and shut himself up.

The snake that was supposedly killed was wiggling around, trying to bite something. The venom in its mouth seeped into the ground.

Murong Wu Di was shocked. If Liu Yue hadn’t done anything, the snake would have bitten him.

He saw that the organisms around the snake were deteriorating. Very quickly they all began to rot and turned into a pile of mush. Seeing this, Murong Wu Di was shocked.

In just a moment, there was no sign of life around the snake.

“Such potent poison.” Yan Hu furrowed his brow. They had never seen such a venomous snake before.

If one of them were to be bitten, it would be over for them immediately. Yan Hu looked at Murong Wu Di who was shivering.

Murong Wu Di looked at Liu Yue, who didn’t even bother looking back, with gratefulness. He didn’t say anything and continued to follow her.

“Be Careful.” Xuan Yuan Che said with a solemn expression.

The entire group became more attentive of their surroundings and raised their guard.

“ShaShaShaSha.” There was a slight rustling sound. It was very weak and faint. Normally, no one would be able to detect the sound.

However, this group of five were not normal people. Once they heard the sound, they immediately stopped moving.

There was a slight amount of wind. The leaves started to fly all over the place. However there was nothing abnormal about the place. The group could feel that there was nothing approaching them.

Liu Yue quickly surveyed the surroundings. There was nothing at all. The only thing that could be seen or heard was this rustling sound.

Suddenly, she thought of something and looked upwards immediately. She looked at the vines that were covering the tall trees.

She can see that between the trees, a large amount of palm sized multicolored spiders was moving towards them.

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    Thanks Andy for the chapters. They are lucky for LY to lead them through the place. Looks treacherous.

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