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DOP Chapter 311 – The Secret Jungle (4)

Chapter 311 – The Secret Jungle (4)
Translated by: Andy
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There were many flowers blossoming everywhere. The entire jungle was filled with vibrant colors.

The entire area was becoming more moist and the rotten smell was getting stronger and stronger.
(TL: Whoops. The rotting smell wasn’t behind them ._.)

“You guys need to be careful from now on. Follow me and don’t touch anything randomly.” Standing in the middle of the forest, Liu Yue stared at the ground full of dried leaves in front of her.

Xuan Yuan Che raised his eyebrow and asked Liu Yue, “Yue… How come I feel like you’re familiar with this place…”

“I have the same feeling too.” Murong Wu Di added.

Liu Yue had been moving at high speed without any hesitation at all. This kind of feeling….. It feels like Liu Yue was moving around in her backyard. She couldn’t be anymore familiar with this place.

“You guys don’t read enough books.” Liu Yue sighed.

Xuan Yuan Che and Muron Wu Di both blushed with shame…. However, after thinking about it, was there even a book on the Thousand Stone Mountain?

The group continued to move without stopping at all. However, this time, Liu Yue was moving slowly. She wasn’t moving at high speed like she was before.

In front of the group were many flowers of different colors. It was very beautiful.

There were red flowers, yellow flowers, blue flowers, and even white flowers all over the place.

With a quick move, Murong Wu Di suddenly threw a dagger at one of the yellow flowers, splitting it in half.

Hidden behind the flower was a venomous snake. Murong Wu Di’s dagger instantly cut it in half

Looking at the snake, its fangs were covered in thick creamy venom. It looked to be very poisonous.

Muron Wu Di didn’t even give the snake a second look and immediately moved on.

Hearing that something was wrong, Liu Yue furrowed her brows. Without even turning around, she waved her hands and cold light flew towards Murong Wu Di.

It was very fast and sudden.

Murong Wu Di was startled and before he could react, the streak of cold light flew past his ear and landed on the floor behind him.

Xuan Yuan Che, Murong Wu Di, Qiu Hen and Yan Hu all turned around and looked.

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    lol, nice that both of them acknowledged that she was used to it! hahaha, but, well, book! importance of books and knowledge!

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