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DOP Chapter 310 – The Secret Jungle (3)

Chapter 310 – The Secret Jungle (3)
Translated by: Andy
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I lied. I didn’t watch GSW vs MEM. I watched Kobe drop 60. :'(

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There were so many leaves on the floor that it stopped the river from flowing. There were no roads to be seen. The party was already deep in the rainforest.

Xuan Yuan Che knitted his brows and jumped ashore without ordering Murong Wu Di, Qiu Hen and Yan Hu to return. He knew what they were like and how stubborn they were.

Liu Yue tied the boat to one of the trees and the five people ventured into the depths of the forest.

Everyone was fully equipped. They were all wearing special armor and had many weapons. They only had a little bit of rations so it does not affect their travel speed and attacking abilities.

No matter how much sunlight there was, it was only barely able to penetrate the tall trees in the forest. The entire area was very dim.

Every wrong step taken in the Thousand Stone Mountain could cause one’s death.

The party of five were silent. They surveyed their surroundings carefully before moving.

When they finally left the rotten area, the rotten smell behind them mixed with the fresh smell of the forest. It was an indescribably sick sensation.

The ground continued to move forward.

There were no leopards, no tigers or wolves. In such a big forest, how come there wasn’t a single ferocious beast?

There ground was devoid of footprints aside from their own. There were no manure or scent of wild animals either. Could there be no animals living here?

“This is such a weird forest.” Qiu Hen knitted his brow and felt relieved.

Since there were no ferocious beasts attacking them, this forest isn’t scary at all.

“It is a bit weird.” Wurong Wu Di would have never thought that the forest would have no beasts. Without wild beasts, could this forest even be called a forest?

However, this beastless forest was a place that no one dared to enter. Those who entered have never returned to tell the tale. The dangers in this forest can not be underestimated.

“Be careful.” Xuan Yuan Che gave the three people behind him a signal and quickly followed Liu Yue.

Liu Yue moved very quickly through the forest. Without hesitating, she moved deeper and deeper into the forest.

She didn’t even look back once. The aura around her body became colder and colder.

As they moved further into the forest, the trees became taller and thicker.

The deeper they ventured, the more similar everything looked. The tree and the shrubs around looked the same. Everything was in a straight line. It was as if the party had entered an inescapable maze.

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