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DOP Chapter 308 – The Secret Jungle (1)

Chapter 308 – The Secret Jungle (1)
Translated by: Andy
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Following along the water channel, five people were on a small boat preparing to enter the Thousand Stone Mountains.

There were many small hills, verdant trees and bushes by the entrance of the forest. As the party ventured deeper into the forest, the trees grew higher and higher until they couldn’t see the top anymore.

“The trees are so tall.” Yan Hu who was rowing the boat exclaimed. He looked around and was speechless.

“It’s very beautiful.” Murong Wu Di said as he looked around as well.

Some golden rays of sunlight barely penetrated the trees. There were traces of sunlight all around and along with the emerald leaves that were dancing in the air, it created a very beautiful scene.

“This is a very rare sight.” Xuan Yuan Che nodded.

“There are still many more rare sights in here. I’m afraid that you guys will be too scared to see them.” Liu Yue crossed her arms in front of her chest and had a very serious look on her face.

She was wearing a skin tight armor. Her wrists, legs and waist was all covered in armor. There was no gap or opening at all. On her legs and the back of her waist were hostels with sharp daggers in them. She stood at the front of the ship coldly looking at the scenery.

When they reached the bank of the river, they found many wild trees growing around. Numerous amount of vines tangled around the trees. There was a strong rotting smell. This rain forest was even deeper and more mysterious than the ones in the modern world.

“Yue, Don’t be too……”

“Tell me. What do you need to find.” Without looking back, Liu Yue interrupted him and coldly replied.

She needs to know what their target was so she can assess how far they needed to go and how dangerous it would be. She wasn’t afraid of the rainforest but she still had to be cautious.

Hearing the coldness in her voice, Xuan Yuan Che stood up and walked besides her, “Dragon King Pill, something that’s found inside of the Thousand Year Dragon Snake and Deep Quench Gall, the gall bladder of the Exquisite Fish.

Thousand Year Dragon Snake? Exquisite Fish? What are those strange things.

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