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DOP Chapter 307 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (12)

Chapter 307 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (12)
Translated by: Andy
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Seeing how Murong Wu Di reacted, Xuan Yuan Che laughed loudly. His Liu Yue was always like this. This was one of the reasons why he loved her so much.

After a half an hour, Qiu Hen and Yan Hu came back with bruises all over their faces while Du Yi was nowhere to be seen.

Two against one, even if Du Yi is an expert amongst experts, he can’t possibly beat two people who’s almost at the same level as him.

The spring breeze blew gentler and the carriage sped towards the Nan Song empire.

Nan Song Empire. It was the most southern empire on the continent. It was sunny all day around with a lot of rain. Although their military force wasn’t that impressive, it was the most populous and affluent empire out of the seven countries.

It was a friendly country and they made many alliances instead of enemies.

Amiability makes your rich, alliances make you strong. The Nan Song Empire was modeled by these eight words. The Snow Saint Empire to the west, the Ao Yun Empire in the north and the Hou Jin Empire to the east. They had a good relationship with all of them.

In the imperial chambers of the royal palace, there were princesses married into the royal family from all three empires.

They’ve also married out many of their daughters to other countries as well. The Nan Song Empire had an imperial concubine in Snow Saint, Hou Jin, Tianchen, and even the Chen and Zhao empire.

As long as there’s a imperial chamber in a country, there would be someone from the Nan Song Empire in there.

Thus, even though their military strength wasn’t strong, they were the most populous and affluent country. They never had to fight a war in their country before.

Because of this, the empire was stable and would not collapse easily.

After traveling for days from the west to the south, Liu Yue had crossed half of the empire.

Spring had passed and the scorching hot summer had come.

During the summer, there were no more cool breezes flowing around. The sun was high up in the sky casting rays of golden light towards the ground.

The golden rays of the sun covered the entire Nan Song Empire, boiling the ground and creating heat waves.

After travel for days, only the colors of nature could be seen in the distance.

Thousand Stone Mountain. It was the largest wilderness in the Nan Song Empire. A place where no man dares to enter. It was gloomy and sinister all year around. The entire forest was like a ferocious beast waiting to swallow its prey.

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