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DOP Chapter 306 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (11)

Chapter 306 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (11)
Translated by: Andy
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In all these years, Liu Yue had read about all the special and dangerous places of the seven countries.

Thousand Stone Mountain. Fuck. Can it even be called a mountain?

From what she knows, the Thousand Stone Mountain was actually a tropical rain forest. It was near the borders of the Nan Song Empire. In all these years, no one had dared to enter. It was actually a forest with trees as tall mountains.

She didn’t have to think about the other dangers. Tropical rainforest. These two words can already describe how dangerous this place was and scare people away.

If ten people were to enter this place, at least ten people will die.

Now she knows why Qiu Hen and the others were so surprised when they heard about the two items. They were ready to give up their lives and follow their young master.

A tropical rainforests. Great. This mysterious island really knows its stuff. It wasn’t too much of a challenge. Not really.

“Yue-er, are you afraid?” Seeing how Liu Yue’s expression changed after hearing that they were going to the Thousand Stone Mountains, Xuan Yuan Che laughed and patted Liu Yue’s hands.

Hearing this, Liu Yue looked over at Xuan Yuan Che, “Do you think there are a lot of fierce beasts there?”

Xuan Yuan Che didn’t think that Liu Yue would say something like this. He nodded and answered, “Well it’s normal for fierce beasts to appear in a forest, but they shouldn’t be a problem.

Liu Yue rubbed her chin and pondered. As expected. They know that it is a dangerous place but they don’t know how dangerous it is. Xuan Yuan Che probably doesn’t know the true dangers in a tropical rainforest.

“Good thing I came along. If not, I’ll have to go and retrieve your corpse. No. Your corpse probably won’t even remain in there.”

“Are you underestimating me?” Xuan Yuan Che extended his hand and flicked Liu Yue’s forehead.

Being cared for by Liu Yue, that was a good feeling. However, when did he become so useless in Liu Yue’s eyes. She was just complimenting about how strong he got a while ago.

Seeing Xuan Yuan Che’s expression, she smiled. She moved towards him and kissed him. With the two of them, they can run through hell together. A tropical rainforest won’t be able to stop them.

Seeing this, Murong Wu Di who was sitting there quietly immediately turned around.

His granddaughter. When did she become so liberal. No this can’t be called liberal. This is being too straightforward! How could she kiss Xuan Yuan Che without saying anything.

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