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DOP Chapter 304 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (9)

Chapter 304 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (9)
Translated by: Andy

Forgot to post a chapter yesterday. 😮

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High risk means high reward. Doing this task was worth Xuan Yuan Che’s life.

She understood this clearly.

While Liu Yue was thinking about the matter, Xuan Yuan Che suddenly smiled and pulled Liu Yue’s hand, “Yue-er, I’m going to visit Nan Song empire for a bit, you should go…..”

Before he could finish talking, Xuan Yuan Che suddenly shut up after looking at Liu Yue’s expression.

Liu Yue didn’t need to say anything. She only looked at Xuan Yuan Che. With this glare, even before Xuan Yuan Che finished talking, Liu Yue had shoved all his words back down his throat already.

“Continue talking….” Seeing that Xuan Yuan Che had paused, Liu Yue coldly said these two words softly.

She wasn’t angry. She really wasn’t angry. However, if Xuan Yuan Che continued to talk, she won’t promise that she won’t become angry. She can’t promise that at all.

Xuan Yuan Che looked at Liu Yue’s eyes…. Her gaze sent chills down his spine, and instilled fear in his heart.

He was silent and shook his head. He caressed Liu Yue’s hair and smiled, “You should go with me and not go back. No. I definitely wouldn’t have asked you to go back….. So how about it?”

After seeing how Xuan Yuan Che’s intentions had a 180 degrees turn, she smirked, “Tthat’s better.”

How dare Xuan Yuan Che try to tell her to go back to Tianchen first and go out by himself. If he dare say something like that who knows how Liu Yue would’ve taken care of him.

They’ve already lost three years together already. She doesn’t want to separate from him anymore. As long as they’re together, it didn’t matter if they have to cross a mountain of blades, a sea of flames, or even hell itself, they would go together.

She held his hands tightly. Xuan Yuan Che then turned to Qiu Hen and Yan Hu, “How about you guys?”

“We won’t go back either.” Qiu Hen and Yan Hu immediately replied.

After three years, this was the first time they had seen their young master. They want to stay by his side and not go back home. Even if it kills them, they won’t go back.

Xuan Yuan Che looked at them unhappily and then said, “General’s Orders.”

“We cannot accept the general’s orders.”

They were able to say that in unison. It was as if they had practiced this thousands of times.

Xuan Yuan Che raised his brows. After three years, they actually dared to talk back to him. He doesn’t remember his subordinates ever talking back to him.

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  1. Anna Tong says:

    lol.. yup.. how dare he leave his little wife alone after long 3 years..
    btw, i still haven’t found out why murong liu yue’s mother told her to disguise her figure and search for her in the capital (i think?) when she reach 18 or something..
    thank you for the chapter :3

    • Gilso says:

      Thanls for the chapter.

      I think its something like Liu Yue being a child of the emperor through an afair, thus making her something like Xuan Yuan Che’s half sister or something

  2. midoriha says:

    thank you!
    yuan che! how dare you ask her to go back first—?! lol, good job, liu yue, silencing him and making him change your mind with your glare!

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