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DOP Chapter 302 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (7)

Chapter 302 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (7)
Translated by: Andy

Sponsored by: Anon

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Xuan Yuan Che saw the looks on the three people’s faces and laughed, “There’s something that I have to do. I owe someone a favor and I’m going to have to return it first.”

Once he said this, Qiu Hen and Yan Hu was still confused but Liu Yue on the other hand, knew what he meant.

“They must’ve worked really hard to help you right?” Liu Yue put her chopsticks down and asked Xuan Yuan Che.

When Xuan Yuan Che came back from overseas, neither of them had much time to explain anything so she was never able to ask Xuan Yuan Che about what happened overseas.

It seems like the mysterious place overseas went through quite a bit of trouble to help Xuan Yuan Che recover. In the world there was no such thing as free lunch. It seems like the favor they owed Murong Wu Di was not worth the help. They still had to give something in return.

Xuan Yuan Che saw that Liu Yue had seen through everything and nodded.

Qiu Hen and Yan Hu had followed Xuan Yuan Che for many years and were smart people. They realized what happened and asked, “Then what do you need to do for them?”

On the side, Murong Wu Di heard the conversation and looked over at Liu Yue.

He then explained everything, “That day, Xuan Yuan Che’s injuries were too fatal. Normal medicines could not help him at all. They had to use many different types of rare medicines to help save him. One of those things included the island’s precious Nine Soul Returning Pill.

After hearing this, Qiu Hen and Yan Hu gasped loudly. Even the emotionless Du Yi became surprised.

The Nine Soul Returning Pill….. That was the best life saving immortal pill in the world. In the seven countries, not even one could be found.

Liu Yue obviously did not know what this pill was but after looking at the expressions of the other three, she knew that it was something extremely precious.

She clenched Xuan Yuan Che’s hands tighter. That day, Xuan Yuan Che must be in some extreme danger for the island to use such a precious item on him.

She didn’t follow them to the island but she felt extremely frightened and worried back then. Now she understands why she was feeling that way three years ago.

Moreover, when Xuan Yuan Che came back, she felt that he got a lot stronger even though he didn’t do much. She can feel that his sudden increase in strength was due to the pill.

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