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DOP Chapter 301 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (6)

Chapter 301 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (6)
Translated by: Andy

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Xuan Yuan Che’s voice was soft but it was filled with warmth,

Just by looking at his smile, Qiu Hen and Yan Hu felt the warmth. They can feel that their young master was happy to see them again.

Qiu Hen and Yan Hu quickly moved towards them and sat down quietly by Du Yi.

“The master and mistress told us to come and deliver a message.” Qiu Hen quickly reached into his robe, took out a letter and handed it to Xuan Yuan Che.

Originally, they weren’t the ones who were suppose to come. However, once they heard that their young master had returned, they couldn’t wait to see him and wanted to personally hand him this letter.

Xuan Yuan Che received the letter and quickly read it. As he was reading it, his aura became gentler and a happy expression appeared on his face.

“How are my parents doing?”

While saying that, he handed the letter to Liu Yue.

“The master and mistress are doing fine. They’ve been thinking about the young master and mistress. They’ve been wanting to see you guys.” Yan Hu quickly replied.

“Yeah. The mistress said that she hasn’t seen the young mistress in three years. She’s been dying to know how the young mistress looks like now.” Qiu Hen looked over at Liu Yue.

Hearing this, Liu Yue slightly smiled but didn’t say anything.

Three years ago, after she crossed the borders, she had never returned to Tianchen. She didn’t think that Tianchen was worth returning to.

Xuan Yuan Che knew what she was thinking about and shook his head. He held her hands and stared at her with a caring look.

His Liu Yue. He knew what she had gone through. He understood her actions.

“Go back and tell my parents that I’ll go back after a while.” While still holding Liu Yue’s hands, he turned and smiled at the two.

Hearing this, Qiu Hen and Yan Hu were shocked and stared at Xuan Yuan Che.

After a while? How long is that going to be?

Liu Yue was shocked as well. They haven’t been back in three years. For someone like Xuan Yuan Che who cared a lot about his family, why didn’t he want to return immediately?

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