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DOP Chapter 300 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (5)

Chapter 300 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (5)
Translated by: Andy

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“Hou Jin and Snow Saint fighting against each other. Isn’t that great?” The girl in front of the old man laughed. The laugh sounded as she took joy in their misfortune.

This kind of attitude, who else could it be besides Liu Yue.

Du Yi, Xuan Yuan Che and Murong Wu Di were sitting there laughing as well.

“It’s too bad that the kid ran.” Murong Wu Di sighed.

Under that kind of situation, Chen Fei actually let Yun Zhao escape while his twenty thousand strong army surrounded the mountain. Chen Fei was useless to the max.

If Yun Zhao was actually caught then the two empires won’t have any choice but to go to war.

“It doesn’t matter. There’s still some use for him if he ran away.” Xuan Yuan Che shook his head and then helped Liu Yue fill up her plate.

If Snow Saint doesn’t retaliate after something like this happens, then the Snow Saint empire would be seen as weak.

“You guys. Do you guys think that the two empires will actually fight? If they do, what kind of items should we stock up?” One of the merchants suddenly yelled out.

With this one phrase, the bustling atmosphere of the restaurant immediately died down. All the merchants started to think about the future. They were very interested in what was going to happen. If war actually breaks out, they could actually make a lot of money!

Liu Yue’s lips curled up. Fight. Of course they should fight. It will be more interesting then. How could the two empires waste the opportunity that Liu Yue gave to them. If they don’t make moves, Liu Yue would feel sorry for herself.

On the side, Xuan Yuan Che looked at how much fun Liu Yue was having and shook his head. He then continued to fill up her plate with food. After messing with the two empires, they quietly disappeared and ran away.

“Masters.” An exciting voice suddenly called out while they were having fun.

Xuan Yuan Che and Liu Yue both heard the voice at the same time. This voice….. They both turned around immediately.

Behind them were Qiu Hen and Yan Hu who were dressed like normal people. Their faces looked calm but Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che could see the excitement within their eyes.

They haven’t seen each other in three years. When they saw their master healthily sitting there, they got all excited.

After three years of worrying, they can finally feel relieved.

Xuan Yuan Che looked at Qiu Hen and Yan Hu and smiled. He waved for them to come and sit with them, “Why’d you guys come?”

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