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DOP Chapter 299 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (4)

Chapter 299 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (4)
Translated by: Andy

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“You guys probably don’t know this, but during the martial arts tournament, there was some guy that always followed Liu Yue around. That guy was Snow Saint’s crowned prince. They had planned everything out since the beginning.

After Liu Yue killed Hou Jin’s emperor, he told the prince of his deeds and then suicided by jumping off a cliff so he does not cause problems for the empire.

In the end, by fate, Hou Jin’s crowned prince overheard their conversation.

Liu Yue was a puppet while the Snow Saint empire was the mastermind behind everything.”

The youngster waved his chopsticks and spat all over the place as he talked.

“Yeah. That’s right. That’s what I heard too. My father and the leader of the guards are brothers. It really did happen.” Someone else followed.

“Yeah. It seems like that’s what happened. I heard about it in the Chen empire too.” One of the Chen empire merchants nodded and ate his food.

“Yeah. Yeah. It’s exactly like that….”

“I’ve heard about it too…”

Everyone in the restaurant was talking over each other. The entire restaurant was buzzing with activity once again. Everyone in the restaurant chimed into the talk.

Everyone except the three men and woman who was sitting by the window.

Hearing all this, a smile appeared on all their faces. They started to eat their food. They were dressed like rich merchants, full of nobility.

“Did they catch Snow Saint’s crowned prince?”

“He ran.”

“No. I think he jumped off the cliff as well..”

“Anyways, no one found his corpse. From what I can see, he probably survived and ran away.”

Everyone was talking bullsh*t at the same time. The conversations were heating up.

“Ran? Heh. A monk can run away but his temple can’t run. His snow saint empire was still there. After what had happened, Hou Jin and Snow Saint will not exist at the same time anymore.

A Hou Jin merchant slammed his fist on the table angrily.

“Right! That’s right! One of them will go down!”

At that time, many of Hou Jin’s people started to chant.

Hearing all these chant, the silver haired exuberant old man by the window drank his wine and sighed, “It seems like everyone in the world knows already.”

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