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DOP Chapter 298 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (3)

Chapter 298 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (3)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy

Uh……. This chapter….

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Hearing these words, a middle aged merchant looking person turned around and said, “Who said the Snow Saint prince killed the emperor. When the incident happened, I happened to be in Hou Jin and saw everything with my own eyes. Let me tell you guys what happened…..”

“What? It wasn’t the Snow Saint Prince? Tell us about it!”

At that time, everyone in the restaurant quieted down and listened.

By the windows, four people sat at a table. Three men and one woman. Hearing this, they put down their chopsticks as well and started to listen.

“You guys know about that Number one martial artist Liu Yue?” The middle aged man looked at everyone and mysteriously said.

“How could we not know? He won the martial arts competition! It is said that he’s very handsome and is very strong…..”

“Come on. Yell us about what happened. Don’t beat around the bush.”

“Yeah…. Come on.”

People started to yell at the man.

“Alright. Since you guys know about him, then I’ll tell you what happened. It was actually Liu Yue who assassinated Hou Jin’s emperor.

On his wedding day, Hou Jin’s emperor personally hosted and attended the wedding. But who would’ve thought that, in the middle of the wedding, Liu Yue had actually killed the emperor in one move.

Think about it. Liu Yue is super strong and it was his wedding. No one would think that he would attack the emperor. So when everyone had their guard down, Liu Yue made his move. Hou Jin’s emperor basically stepped into his own grave.

When that happened, Hou Jin deployed their entire army! That’s tens of thousands of soldiers!

Heh. They went and searched everyone’s house and arrested anyone who was even a little bit suspicious. It was absurd. I was so scared that I didn’t leave my house for three days!”

The middle aged man still felt some fear and rubbed his chest. His face became pale from thinking what happened.

The woman who sat by the window heard this and couldn’t help but furrow her brows. She looked over at the middle aged merchant.

Another youngster chimed into the story as well, “You only know part of the story. Let me tell you guys about the other half.”

“You’re about half right. It’s true that Liu Yue had assassinated Hou Jin’s emperor, but the mastermind behind everything was Snow Saint’s crowned prince. My uncle has some relationships with the ministry of justice in Hou Jin and told me everything.”

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