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DOP Chapter 297 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (2)

Chapter 297 – For Gifts Blinds the Wise (2)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy

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“You got stronger again!” Being carried by Xuan Yuan Che, both of Liu Yue’s eyes lit up.

Running across water….. This is something that she’ll never be able to do.

“If I want to protect my little wife, I’m going to have to work hard and get stronger.” Xuan Yuan Che looked down at Liu Yue and smiled.

His look was filled with affection and Liu Yue looked at him with admiration. It looked as if the two were able to exchange words with just their glances.

In a quick move, both Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che entered the carriage. Murong Wu Di immediately raised his horsewhip and the carriage sped away immediately.

With quick movements, the carriage disappeared into the misty mountain path.

The ship they came in started to sink and disintegrated into the water. It left no traces at all.

The remains of the ship flowed in the glamorous mountain stream and disappeared.

Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che had planned everything out perfectly and had left Hou Jin and Snow Saint to fight against each other.

Borrowing a knife to kill someone, putting the blame on Snow Saint. Tianchen was left alone, watching the two other countries fight it out.

Everything went according to plan.

The fragrance of spring was in the air and time passed very quickly. In an instant, ten days had passed since the incident.

In Xiewu City, a city in between the Zhao and Hou Jin empire.

Xiewu city belonged to the Zhao empire but due to the fact that people from Hou Jin go through the city a lot for trades and other matters, it became a neutral market city between the two empires.

Sakura petals filled the air and the leaves of willow trees danced in the wind.

In the midst of spring, Xiewu city was bustling and the environment was very comfortable.

Inside the Yinglai restaurant, the most luxurious restaurant in Xiewu city, there were many merchants gathering and eating. The entire place was filled.

“Bring us a jug of wine.”

“Okay. please wait a bit.”

“Waiter. Where’s our food….”

“Coming, Coming……”

Many different accents could be heard here and many people were talking loudly and arrogantly. The waiters were working nonstop to please their guests. The entire restaurant became busier and busier as time went on.

“Hey. Did you hear about it? Hou Jin and Snow Saint are going against each other.” A loud voice could be heard from across the room.

“How could I not know? Snow Saint’s crowned prince assassinated the Hou Jin’s emperor. How could they not fight?” A muscular ruffian yelled out as well, not controlling his voice at all.

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