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DOP Chapter 296 – For the Gifts Blinds the Wise (1)

Chapter 296 – For the Gifts Blinds the Wise (1)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy

Scenic descriptions are super hard….. All these descriptions are super hard lol

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The water rippled heavily and mist covered the ship.

Between the mountains, in the river, crystal clear water vapor filled the air.

The scene was mesmerizing and very calming.

Under the bright blue sky and above the jade colored river, a small boat sailed into the beautiful scenery.

“Ha Ha Ha…..” A loud rippling hearty laugh pierced through the water, breaking the calming and spring-like scenic sensation.

“What a sly idea!” Standing at the front of the ship, Xuan Yuan Che moved closer to Liu Yue who was laughing wildly.

With a smiling face, he went up to Liu Yue and pinched her nose.

When Liu Yue was younger, he loved teasing her like this. Now that Liu Yue had grown up, he loved teasing her like this even more. The Liu Yue in his arms, no matter how much older she got, he would always pamper and love her.

While pinching her nose, Xuan Yuan Che couldn’t help but chuckle. Liu Yue had gotten revenge for him for what happened three years ago. The Hou Jin empire had chased and beat up a wild goose and now the wild goose returned and pecked Hou Jin in the eye.

Seeing how Yun Zhao, the crowned prince of the snow saint empire, had an indescribable constant changing expression on his face that day, Xuan Yuan Che felt a lot better about what happened.

Liu Yue turned towards Xuan Yuan Che and crossed her arms, “No one can get away after hurting us. I will hunt them down and take them all down.”

Her words were filled with arrogance and confidence.

Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Che bursted out in laughter. His little princess consort had grown up. She really deserved to be loved.

“Right. A noble revenge is never too late. If they want to harm us, they have to pay to cost of doing so.” A fierce look appeared in Xuan Yuan Che’s eyes.

The two lovebirds looked at each other and started laughing again. Their laughter pierced the heavens and echoed throughout the surroundings.

By now, they were far far away from the cliff on silver mountain. Hou Jin’s Chen Fei and Snow Saint’s Yun Zhao, they were too far to be seen already.

A pure blue sky above them and a crystal clear river under them. The scenery around the two was perfect and relaxing.

The small boat continued to sail quietly through the river and eventually stopped by the coast.

On the coast, the grass was waving smoothly and hawks were flying up high. The sound of a carriage approaching could barely be heard. On the carriage sat Murong Wu Di, Liu Yue’s grandfather who had been missing.

Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Che carried Liu Yue in his arms. With a soft jump, he leapt into the air like a large bird and gently ran across the river.

His movements were gentle and light, like a swallow gliding across water.

In the ancient times, Dharmas monks were able to run across water, and today, Xuan Yuan Che was able to do the same thing so gracefully.

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