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DOP Chapter 295 – An Eye for An Eye (13)

DOP Chapter 295 – An Eye for An Eye (13)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

End of the arc 😮

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As Yun Zhao watched, Liu Yue was already falling towards the rocks on the side of the cliff. The waves were moving violently as well. She was as good as dead.

“Liu Yue….” Both of Yun Zhao’s eyes turned red as he screamed. He continued to look down. He wanted to watch how Liu Yue was going to die but his expression changed after a while.

Her silhouette was in the air and floated downwards.

Under Liu Yue, a large ship appeared from under the cliff. There was a man standing on the bow of the ship. The breeze brushed past his crimson robe and he emitted a cold murderous aura.

The man held both of his hands up high as the silhouette descended.

The man standing on the bow of the ship caught Liu Yue who jumped down. The ship did not stop moving at all. They had timed everything perfectly.

Liu Yue’s hair flew in the air, her dark sleek hair scattered across her back as she nestled herself against the man’s chest.

She was beautiful. Liu Yue was actually a woman!

Yun Zhao was shocked. He shockingly watched as the ship sailed away.

From the bow of the ship, the crimson robed man turned around at looked at Yun Zhao. His eyes were crimson red and they looked as cold as ice.

Those eyes…. Those eyes…. Yun Zhao clenched his fists. He recognize those eyes. He had seen those eyes before. Those charismatic cold eyes.

Tianchen’s King Yi, Xuan Yuan Che.

The ship continued to sail forwards. Getting further and further away.

Until it disappeared from his view.

It’s him. It’s actually him. Xuan Yuan Che. Then who was that Liu Yue? Who is that woman….To have such skills and be able to get close to Xuan Yuan Che.

Yun Zhao lifted his head and stared at the blue sky.

It was King Yi’s princess consort, Murong Liu Yue. That person who shocked the seven empires three years ago. Liu Yue…. Murong Liu Yue….She didn’t even conceal her face….. However, Yun Zhao realized that the less she concealed her face, the harder it was to recognize her.

Yun Zhao stood there and bitterly laughed. Murong Liu Yue… ahhh Murong Liu Yue. So it was actually her.

Behind him, the army had finally made their move and moved towards him.

The crowned prince of the snow saint empire, Helian Yun Zhao. He thought that he had fooled everyone. But Liu Yue was able to recognize him easily. In the end, he played right into her hands like an idiot.

He bitterly smiled and shook his head. He didn’t forget. Three years ago, when Xuan Yuan Che was gravely injured, his snow saint empire a part in it too. Without doing anything, Liu Yue was able to get revenge on him.

Assassinating the Hou Jin emperor…. This kind of hatred from the Hou Jin empire was completely directed towards his Snow Saint Empire.

This time, it was his turn to suffer.

In the river, the spring wind blew gently at the ship. The spring this year feels so damn good.

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  1. Maribel says:

    Thank-you for the chapters 🙂 Although I like this novel a lot I wouldn’t mind if you spent most of your efforts on SDG. Hope you are having a restful Spring Break XD

  2. Busybee says:

    Thanks for the chapter. Wow. What a revelation. YZ is actually a Prince. Finally, the reunion between XYC and LY.

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