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DOP Chapter 294 – An Eye for An Eye (12)

DOP Chapter 294 – An Eye for An Eye (12)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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Behind the ten thousand horses that pursued them, twenty thousand more fiercely followed. The army split up and surrounded the entire outskirt of the silver mountain, where Liu Yue and Yun Zhao were fleeing towards.

Moving very swiftly, Liu Yue and Yun Zhao were like shooting stars, rapidly moving across the roads.

They could feel the killing intent of the entire army right behind them.

In the quiet forest, the birds scattered as they felt the intense killing intent.

Whipping their horses urgently, Liu Yue and Yun Zhao sped their way to the top of silver mountain. On the top on the mountain, the field of flowers was very beautiful and the soothing sound of the river bought a calm sensation.

“Brother, there’s a dead end up ahead. Why did you choose this path?” Yun Zhao who was following Liu Yue confusingly asked.

On the top of silver mountain, there was a cliff. Under the cliff was the largest river in the entire Hou Jin empire. The waves of the river splashed violently against the steep cliff. It was very dangerous, and yet Liu Yue chose this path.

At the cliff, Liu Yue jumped off her horse. The horse then immediately turned around and ran.

“Brother, what are you doing?” Yun Zhao was even more confused. He raised his brows and stared at Liu Yue.

Behind them, they could hear the thousands of horses approaching. Chen Fei’s army were catching up quickly.

Chen Fei was almost there. All this time, the only thing he could think about was skinning Liu Yue alive and eating her flesh. He wanted revenge for his father.

When Liu Yue saw Chen Fei approaching, she let out a smirk.

Yun Zhao turned around and saw the sly smirk on Liu Yue’s face and was even more confused.

Suddenly, Liu Yue patted her clothes and knelt down towards Yun Zhao.

Yun Zhao was surprised by her action. He suddenly felt that something ominous.

“Your highness the crowned prince, your servant I, have completed my mission. I have eradicated Hou Jin’s West Cliff and assassinated their emperor. Your servant I, want to show my complete loyalty to the Snow Saint Empire. Since I have shown my face to the enemy already, I might bring trouble to the empire. And thus, I will die as a hero to our country. All I ask for is for the snow saint empire to control the world and unite the seven other countries!”

Her voice was very resounding, and was carried by the wind straight towards Chen Fei.

Chen Fei who was still coming up the mountain suddenly heard the speech. He immediately stopped and stared at Yun Zhao.

Both of Yun Zhao’s eyes widened. How did Liu Yue know that he was the crowned prince of the snow saint empire? How did she…..

“Liu Yue…. You….”

Once he started talking, Liu Yue suddenly got up and ran towards the edge of the cliff. Without anything blocking her way. It seems like she had made her decision to die today.

Yun Zhao was shocked. Did Liu Yue really want to die?

He wasn’t able to react quick enough. After Liu Yue had jumped, he ran towards the edge of the cliff and watched. He didn’t want Liu Yue to die. He really didn’t.

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  1. Sabru says:

    > decapitates one empire, by killing the emperor and others, and frames the crowned prince of another empire before seemingly “suiciding” off a cliff.

    As expected of Liu Yue. maximum havoc with little blowback

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