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DOP Chapter 293 – An Eye for An Eye (11)

DOP Chapter 293 – An Eye for An Eye (11)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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“Bang!” In one strike, Liu Yue had finished off the sixth hall master.

His clothes exploded and fresh blood seeped out of his body.

Coldly smiling, she turned away from the sixth hall master. She turned towards the other assassins and signaled something to them.

“Brothers, Let’s go. The entire army is coming.” Yun Zhao who went to chase Chen Fei suddenly retreated and whispered to Liu Yue.

Yun Zhao had almost caught up to Chen Fei, but he didn’t think that the ministers who escaped would bring the entire army to deal with them.

Even if he caught up to Chen Fei and killed them, he wouldn’t be able to escape the thirty thousand strong imperial army. He would be killed immediately. Chen Fei’s life was not worth his own.

Hearing this, Liu Yue yelled out, “Retreat!”

Carrying her zither, she killed a path of retreat for them.

When the zither sounded, the people in front of her fell immediately.

The sixth and seventh hall masters were dead, the people who were left were not even able to stop Liu Yue for a single second.

The assassins who were pretending to be actors gathered behind Liu Yue and rushed out with her.

Liu Yue and Yun Zhao left the general mansion, got on their horses and left the vicinity very quickly while the assassins integrated themselves with the commoners, erasing all traces of their existence.

“Chase them!” With the protection of the army, Chen Fei was not scared anymore. He commanded the army to attack the mansion can caught sight of Liu Yue leaving with Yun Zhao.

The imperial army immediately chased after them.

Chen Fei’s eyes were bloodshot, “Liu Yue… If I don’t kill you today, my hatred will not dissipate.”

Chen Fei gritted his teeth and he cursed Liu Yue.

On horse, Liu Yue sped towards the outskirts of the city with Yun Zhao quickly following behind him.

The army did not give up and continued to pursue. The galloping of horses sounded throughout the empire and shook everything that it passed.

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