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DOP Chapter 292 – An Eye for An Eye (10)

DOP Chapter 292 – An Eye for An Eye (10)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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From inside the hall, Liu Yue looked at the burning West Cliff.

“I’m just here to watch the fun.” Yun Zhao looked out the window. The red burning flames looked dazzling.

After had killed almost everyone in West Cliff. Her subordinates were able to finish the job and burn West Cliff to the grounds.

Hearing this, Liu Yue looked over at Yun Zhao with a mysterious expression and smiled.

She didn’t waste any time talking to Yun Zhao and attacked the approaching sixth hall master instead. With a flick of her finger, a hidden blade flew towards the sixth hall master.

While Liu Yue finished off the sixth hall master, Yun Zhao surveyed the area and whispered to Liu Yue, “Since I helped brother out today, I wonder how brother thank me in the future?”

Saying that, he flew towards Chen Fei.

If the crowned prince is also killed, Hou Jin will fall into a state where the higher echelons will fight for power. When that happens, Hou Jin is bound to collapse.

Liu Yue had heard what Yun Zhao said but didn’t reply to him. She only revealed a slight smile.

‘How i’ll thank you? Well of course I would thank him nicely.’

The sound of Liu Yue’s zither filled the room. Liu Yue didn’t want to waste anymore time and thus she instantly killed the sixth hall master. Her time was almost up.

At West Cliff, the flames soared into the heavens.

“Not good. We were tricked.” In the outskirts of West Cliff, the people of West Cliff suddenly saw the flames and were shocked.

“Return quickly! The emperor was assassinated.” Someone called out as he approached on a horse. Hearing the news, the people of West Cliff were shaken up. It was their duty to protect the country and the emperor.

The first and second hall master’s expressions changed and quickly yelled out, “Retreat!”

They quickly retreated and rushed towards Liu Yue’s general mansion.

The hundreds of people from West Cliff abandoned their fights and retreated towards the general’s mansion.

The people who they were fighting with however, didn’t follow. They only watched as the people from West Cliff disappeared.

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