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DOP Chapter 290 – An Eye for An Eye (8)

DOP Chapter 290 – An Eye for An Eye (8)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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While the two sides were outside fighting against each other, the West Cliff that was built up by several generations of Hou Jin emperors started to go up in flames.

Under the golden spring sunlight, the black smoke and red flames created a dazzling gleam.

The sector that has the most authority in Hou Jin…..

The base of the greatest unit in the seven countries….

The great West Cliff was up in flames.

Back in the general’s mansion, Yun Zhao had been standing on the side, silently watching the entire scene. Amidst the chaos, a mysterious person flew towards Yun Zhao and quickly whispered a few words into his ear.

Hearing what the man had was said, Yun Zhao’s eyes lit up and a brilliant smile appeared on his face.

He turned around and watched Liu Yue continue her massacre. His smile grew bigger and bigger.

Yun Zhao waved his hands, motioning for the mysterious person to come closer, and then instructed him with a few words. Then he opened up his fan and rushed into chaotic scene by himself.

While passing through the experts from West Cliff, he waved his fan and struck their necks. In an instant, blood spurted out from their necks and they fell immediately.

His attack was so fast that his pure white fan didn’t even get stained.

His blue robe fluttered as he smiled and continued walking towards Liu Yue. He waved his fan and killed all of those who blocked his way, not sparing anyone at all.

This kind of clean killing technique… Although it wasn’t as strong as Liu Yue’s attack, it wasn’t far from it.

These experts from West Cliff would have never thought that they would be beaten so easily by someone like Yun Zhao.

Meanwhile, Liu Yue locked onto the seventh hall master and flew towards him.

Holding her zither, a hint of anger flash in Liu Yue’s eyes. With quick movements, she started to attack the seventh hall master.

The seventh hall master didn’t know how Liu Yue got in front of him and panicked. In that moment, he struck both of his palm out and tried to attack Liu Yue.

Blood splattered everywhere as a pair of black hands fell on the floor. The seventh hall master’s eyes widened at the scene.

He had struck out using his Poisonous Sand Palm without realizing that there were wires around his wrist. The moment he struck out, his hand was severed.

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