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DOP Chapter 289 – An Eye for An Eye (7)

DOP Chapter 289 – An Eye for An Eye (7)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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His eyes suddenly opened wide and his face turned twisted. Fei Cheng Lie reached out to try and grab the person before him but couldn’t do so.

His arm turned stiff in mid air and slowly dropped down.

Fei Cheng Lie then collapsed onto the ground.

Liu Yue sneered and didn’t look back. She had calculated everything down to the second that the poison would take effect. She wouldn’t let anyone that had hurt Xuan Yuan Che get away.

The debt of blood must be paid in blood.

The zither sounded as she began her slaughter once again..

The assassins that came were all hand picked by Xuan Yuan Che. Asides from the sixth and seventh hall master, no one else posed a real threat to them.

“Summon the guards from West Cliff! Quick!” Chen Fei who was behind the sixth hall master yelled out.

A whistling sound could be hard. It was very soft but it was sharp.

The sixth hall master yelled until his throat became dry. However, no one from West Cliff arrived. What happened? Where did everyone from West Cliff go? They should have arrived by now!

His heart felt heavy and his expression turned extremely ugly.

“You don’t need to yell anymore. No one is going to come.” Liu Yue laughed as she flew into the air and attacked with the zither.

Hearing this, all the ministers in the hall were shocked. The people from West Cliff aren’t coming? Could it be……..?”

At this time, the eerie West Cliff was even more gloomy than normal.

The four front halls and the three back halls were filled with corpses. There was poison being spread throughout the entire West Cliff.

For the ones that didn’t fall, they chased the ones who released the poison and were battling outside of West Cliff.

In the entire history since the establish of West Cliff, nothing this disastrous had ever happened. They were out for blood. They wanted to kill every single person who had released the poison.

In the forest outside, everyone was engaged in battle.

No one was able to hear the sixth hall master’s call.

None of them realized that something was wrong.

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