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DOP Chapter 288 – An Eye for An Eye (6)

DOP Chapter 288 – An Eye for An Eye (6)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Liu Yue’s sleek black hair flew in the air as she tore off the emblem of the Hou Jin empire off herself.

The entire room was filled with the sound of music from her zither.

A murderous aura followed the music.

Liu Yue had began her massacre.

Standing by the door, Fei Cheng Lie was still grabbing his throat, his face had turned red and his eyes filled with despair.

He was late. In the end, he couldn’t do anything.

His emperor, the Hou Jin emperor was dead in front of him.

He stumbled as he couldn’t keep himself up anymore and knelt on the ground.

It was his fault. He was the master of West Cliff. He was suppose to be the head of the intelligence network. However, he still couldn’t find out Liu Yue’s identity.

It was his fault. In order to protect his son, he was distracted by Xuan Yuan Che. He couldn’t concentrate on other matters at all.

He had failed to do his job. It was him. It was all him. He knew that they were going to get revenge some day….. He shouldn’t have done anything to them three years ago. He shouldn’t have……

Memories of the event from three years ago replayed in his mind that instant. In front of him was the demoness from three years ago. They were the same person….. Killing without blinking. She was emitting a cold murderous aura.

In just a bit, he had ran out of air. Fei Cheng Lie’s body shuddered as his face turned green.

“Father…. Father. What happened to you? Father.”

Fei Yan who was besides him was startled and began yelling.

He was unable to breathe at all…..

He opened his mouth but he couldn’t do anything. He was like a fish out of water. He felt that god of death approaching him quickly.

“Leave……..” That was what he wanted to tell his son, but he couldn’t. Instead, he used the remainder of his strength to write it out for Fei Yan.

He was afraid of them three years ago. Today, he was finally done in. However, he needed to keep his son safe.

“Father. I won’t leave… you.. beh……” without finishing his sentence, a dagger struck Fei Yan in the back. A cold face looked down on him from behind.

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