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DOP Chapter 287 – An Eye for An Eye (5)

DOP Chapter 287 – An Eye for An Eye (5)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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Followed by a cold chuckle, she whispered something into the emperor’s ears.

“You…..It’s you……”The emperor’s face changed dramatically after hearing what Liu Yue had just said.

“My son…. Be careful…. Be…..”

His fingers trembled as he pointed at Liu Yue. The emperor had wanted to use his last breath to tell Chen Fei everything. However, how could Liu Yue let something like this happen?

“Heh. The emperor of Hou Jin. Serves you right!” Liu Yue exclaimed coldly.

“No……” Chen Fei who was held back by the sixth hall master yelled. His eyes became bloodshot and he tried to free himself frantically.

“Your highness……” The ministers who were shocked finally came to their senses. The whole place had gone wild.

Their emperor had been assassinated….

“Liu Yue!! I’ll kill you!” The seventh hall master roared as his eyes became bloodshot as well and flew towards Liu Yue.

“Hahahahahahahaha” Liu Yue laughed savagely. She grabbed her pink gown and teared it apart, revealing a long white gown underneath.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” Liu Yue was going to attack him next anyways. If he didn’t come, she would’ve gone to him.

It wasn’t like she couldn’t kill them a few days ago. She could’ve done it easily. However, she wanted to kill them in front of everyone else. She wanted to kill the two people who had gravely injured Xuan Yuan Che in front of all these people.

She wasn’t afraid of him.

“Master, catch!” a cold voice suddenly yelled out as a zither flew towards Liu Yue. It was Du Yi. He had everything prepared for Liu Yue already.

Liu Yue did a flip in mid air and catch the zither. With soft movements of her fingers, numerous amount of invisible wind blades shot forward.

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  1. Anna says:

    yay zither in action.. it must be so cool if it’s going to be played on action drama >.<
    thank you for the hard work :3

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