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DOP Chapter 284 – An Eye for An Eye (2)

DOP Chapter 284 – An Eye for An Eye (2)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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Swords were flying around and the entire hall was in chaos.

“You guys dare to try and assassinate I, the emperor? Kill them!” Once the hidden guards came rushing in, the emperor stood up and yelled.

“Your highness, please leave this to us. Please return to the palace with the prince consort.” The seventh hall master replied while struggling against his opponent.

“Father, Let’s return to the palace.”

Hearing what the seventh hall master had said, Chen Fei quickly nodded and looked at the emperor.

The sixth hall master who had been protecting Chen Fei quickly moved towards the emperor and Liu Yue who were on the stage.

The royal guards around them emitted a very strong murderous aura.

The emperor looked down at the chaotic scene with a stern face.

Next to the emperor, Liu Yue’s mouth curved upwards. She started to smile. It was a cold but brilliant smile with a trace of scariness.

How can Liu Yue smile in this situation?

When was Liu Yue able to smile like this? He had never smiled during any situation before.

Chen Fei saw the look on Liu Yue’s face and became shocked. The smile was very beautiful. It looked very brilliant.

It was like an iceberg that was glistening under the spring sunlight. In a normal situation, one would feel warm while looking at Liu Yue’s smile.

However, to Chen Fei, the smile caused him to become horrified.

He didn’t know why but he felt that something bad was going to happen. That smile……

“Liu Yue, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Chen Fei started to panic a bit. There were countless amount of assassins going towards Liu Yue and the emperor.

“Liu Yue. Come with me……” The emperor did not see that Liu Yue had started laughing. By the time he turned to look at Liu Yue, he had only finished half of his sentence. He suddenly stopped talking and stared at Liu Yue. That look on her face…….

“Then this servant will send your highness off.” Liu Yue’s mouth curved upwards and stared right into the emperor’s eyes.

The glare that she gave was as cold as ice.

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