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DOP Chapter 282 – A Tooth for a Tooth (12)

DOP Chapter 282 – A Tooth for a Tooth (12)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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While West Cliff was dead silent, Liu Yue’s general mansion was jubilating

“The first bow is for the heaven and the earth.” The prime minister yelled.

Liu Yue held onto the bundled ribbon turned with the seventeenth princess and bowed.

“The second bow is for the parents.”

They both turned around again and smiled. Liu Yue looked up at the smiling emperor and grinned. She then bowed towards the emperor.

She had supposedly came from overseas and Du Yi was the only one by her side. Thus, the seventeenth princess’s parent was basically her parent too.

The emperor looked down at Liu Yue and the seventeenth princess with a face filled with happiness.

Chen Fei’s face was filled with happiness as well. Behind him, the sixth and seventh hall’s hall master stood there.

In the hall filled with guests, every single person looked very happy.

Now it was time for the couple to face each other and bow. However, before they even had the chance to turn towards each other, a flash alerted everyone. Countless amount of swords flew in from outside the mansion towards the emperor and Chen Fei.

However, the swords were not able to hit anything.

“Die!” a cold deathly aura bursted out from afar. The actors who were performing suddenly turned into cold blooded assassins who flew towards the emperor.


“The emperor is in danger!”


An unexpected event had occurred. Everyone in the hall got into a frenzy.

Holding his sword, an assassin flew quickly towards the emperor.

The emperor’s expression changed. It was as expected of the emperor. During the frenzy, he stayed calm and silently retreated backwards.

At the same time, the seventh hall master charged towards the assassin and struck the sword with his palm.

At this time, Liu Yue took the chance and got herself closer to the emperor while yelling, “ Watch out your highness!”

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