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DOP Chapter 280 – A Tooth for a Tooth (10)

DOP Chapter 280 – A Tooth for a Tooth (10)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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Fei Cheng Lie was afraid. Very afraid. How could he not be? Those two people have come to get their revenge.

Xuan Yuan Che came….. and that Liu Yue…. He must be Murong Liu Yue. There was no way that they could look so similar.

Liu Yue…. Murong Liu Yue… They even had the same name!

His was so scared that he could feel himself throwing his heart up. His whole body felt cold. He felt as if his whole body had frozen over and was unable to breathe.

It has to be her. The cold blooded killer from hell, Murong Liu Yue.

He wasn’t some random person from overseas. He was THE Liu Yue.

The Hou Jin empire had made a mistake…… a big mistake.

The empire had placed their faith in him and had bestowed a high position to him. They had put their faith into the god of death. That asura from hell, Murong Liu Yue.

Xuan Yuan Che and Murong Liu Yue….. They have come to get their revenge together.

They had come for him and the entire Hou Jin empire.

Having seen how powerful Liu Yue is, he felt his heart beat faster and faster. Other people didn’t know how strong she actually is, but he knew. He had seen the death god go on a killing spree.

After he ran away, he had received news about Tianchen.

The left minister’s faction which included the minister of appointments, the minister of rites, Empress Liu, the crowned prince and everyone that plotted against Xuan Yuan Che were all killed. None of them lived.
It was a massacre. A bloody massacre.

“No…..I can’t……I can’t let…… them….” Fei Cheng Lie couldn’t even talk properly.

“Father. What are you saying?”

“I can’t let them flip the entire Hou Jin Empire. I can’t let them succeed.”

He can’t let Murong Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che turn Hou Jin upside down. He can’ let them…. or else empire will fall.

Fei Cheng Lie was afraid of Liu Yue and had already betrayed Hou Jin for his son. However, this was the country that he loved. He had sacrificed so much for the country already. He was still on Hou Jin’s side.”

“Guards! Release the flares. Quick!”

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    Can’t wait to see how they gonna take their revenge… killing the king and all the higher up in the country or simply massacre everyone?

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