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DOP Chapter 279 – A Tooth for a Tooth (9)

DOP Chapter 279 – A Tooth for a Tooth (9)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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It was similar. Too similar. It looked exactly like that bloody Murong Liu Yue from three years ago.

No. That’s not possible. Murong Liu Yue is at the borders of Tianchen. How could she be in Hou Jin? It was not possible.

Furthermore, Murong Liu Yue is a girl and Liu Yue is a man. How could this be?

Murong Liu Yue…… Liu Yue….. The names are basically the same.

His heart tensed up and his hair stood on its ends. No. It’s not possible. They can’t be the same person.

Yeah. They can’t be the same person. It must all be a coincidence. A coincidence…….

In his heart, he wanted it to be a coincidence. However, in his head, he began to think otherwise. Fei Cheng Lie started to shake uncontrollably.

“Father. What happened?” Fei Yan saw the change in his father’s expression and worryingly asked, “Father, what’s going on? The expression in your eyes don’t look so well…. you…”

The expression in the eyes…… the eyes……

Fei Cheng Lie suddenly remembered something. He couldn’t hear what Fei Yan had said after that phrase.

It was the eyes. That look in that kid’s eyes before he disappeared….

It was a dark look, filled with cruelty and coldness

Those eyes……

Bang! Fei Cheng Lie jumped up and his expression became very serious. His face looked as if all of his blood was drained and he could not stop shaking.

Those eyes…. He remembered. He remembered where he had seen that glare before.

Having served in Tianchen for twenty years, he was one of the closest people to the owner of those eyes. He watched that man grow up from a small child to the peerless genius that he is today. He had seen the steps that man took to become one of Tianchen’s pillars of support. He watched as that man became one of the most wanted people in the Hou Jin Empire, someone who must be eliminated.

He was Tianchen’s King of Yi, Xuan Yuan Che.

It was him. That Xuan Yuan Che who he trapped in the sea of flame. The undying Xuan Yuan Che from three years ago. He’s coming knocking.

Fei Cheng Lie’s body felt weak and shivered. He felt like his heart was about to jump out from his chest. It was Xuan Yuan Che. Xuan Yuan Che.

“Father. What happened to you? What could have made you feel afraid? Father!”

Seeing how his father was acting, Fei Yan who had just awoken immediately jumped down from his bed and asked in fear.

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  1. Dan Bennett says:

    I don’t get it, what about the original poison that Liu Yue used? How can a single antidote be made in such a short amount of time to cure both Liu Yue’s 21st century-inspired poison and the fake Buddha Flower poison? She infected him before she knew of Che’s return so they can’t have coordinated it in advance…

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