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DOP Chapter 275 – A Tooth for a Tooth (5)

DOP Chapter 275 – A Tooth for a Tooth (5)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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Fei Cheng Lie was standing outside of the carriage wearing a eunuch uniform. Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Che’s mouth curved up and smiled.

“It suits you very well.” He joked.

Fei Cheng Lie shot him a glare and didn’t say anything.

Today, both the emperor and the crowned prince had left the palace for Liu Yue’s wedding. They also invited the sixth and seventh hall master to attend as their guards.

Since the other two hall masters were not with him, it was easy for him to enter the royal palace and steal the item.

He didn’t have much time. He had to return to West Cliff immediately. This was because he one of the only people who knew where the drawing was. If the drawing disappeared while he was missing, he would be the one to take the blame.

“Give me the antidote.” Fei Cheng Lie took out a scroll from his sleeves and looked angrily at Xuan Yuan Che.

Xuan Yuan Che extended his hands and coldly looked at Fei Cheng Lie, “I want to confirm it.”

Fei Cheng Lie hesitated for a bit. If he gave this drawing to the kid and didn’t get the antidote in return then…….

He couldn’t back out anymore. He gritted his teeth and handed the drawing of the map over.

He stole the item from the palace already. If he didn’t hand it over, he’ll lose his son and his position in the empire.

Xuan Yuan Che opens the scroll and carefully examined the drawing.

The mountains and rivers were in the right places. The landscape was very well drawn. The three kingdoms were also drawn in detail.

Scanning the drawing, he saw that there were markings around the territories of Tian Chen. It seems like this was the real deal.

Clapping his hands, he quickly rolled up the scroll.

Feeling good, he looked at Fei Cheng Lie, “As expected, Master Fei is a trustworthy person. Okay. Here’s what you want. Catch.”

With quick movements, he retrieved a small bottle and threw it over to Fei Cheng Lie.

Fei Cheng Lie quickly grabs the bottle and took a whiff.

He fiercely looked at Xuan Yuan Che, “If I find out that this is fake, I will find out who you are no matter what. Then we’ll see what happens!”

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