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DOP Chapter 274 – A Tooth for a Tooth (4)

DOP Chapter 274 – A Tooth for a Tooth (4)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

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Chen Fei who had been standing behind the emperor saw that Yun Zhao was looking distracted. He waved his hands and called for Yun Zhao, “Hey Brother. What’s up!”

Two days ago, this kid was calling him brother. It was Chen Fei’s turn today.

Hearing Chen Fei, Yun Zhao came back to his sense.

His eyes began to fill up with excitement once again and laughed, “Hey! Come on in. Hehe…..”

Seeing this, the emperor and Chen Fei started laughing. The mood in the mansion was great.

The emperor and the crowned prince followed Yun Zhao to their seats.

Behind them, West Cliff’s sixth and seventh hall’s hall masters followed.

Laughing around cheerfully, Yun Zhao made the mood in the mansion even livelier.

Everyone was so cheerful that no one had noticed that when the emperor came, only Du Yi did not kneel down.

The spring breeze whistled and red silk fluttered all around.

The whole general’s mansion was bustling with activities.

There were countless amount of actors, dancers, and comedians all preparing to give the spectators a show.

The place could not get livelier.

Unlike the general mansion that was filled with excitement, the royal palace was completely quiet.

A princess being married was not a small matter. However, it wasn’t that big of a deal to the people in the palace either. The emperor and the crowned prince went to give Liu Yue face but most of the other royal family members were not present.

At the rear side of the palace, only a few lights were lit. It was very quiet.

In this area, a carriage stopped in a secluded alley outside the palace.

From the palace, a group of people appeared and approached the carriage.

Inside the carriage, there was Xuan Yuan Che who was still in his disguise.

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