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DOP Chapter 272 – A Tooth for a Tooth (2)

DOP Chapter 272 – A Tooth for a Tooth (2)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

I’ve been busy this week and going to Boston this weekend. Will try to make it up tomorrow/the weekend

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Yesterday, no matter what Liu Yue said, Xuan Yuan Che would not let her wear the crimson robe. Even tho she was acting as the groom, he forbid her from wearing it.

Liu Yue is not allowed to even dream about wearing a the crimson robe until their wedding.

Thinking about how serious Yuan Che was, Liu Yue was feeling amused.

She didn’t mind it anyways. She’ll save the crimson robe for when she marries Yuan Che. Pink is a shade of red anyways and she didn’t care much about it.

She could care less about the color of the robe. She’d be perfectly fine with a white robe. However, she was afraid that the emperor would be mad about it.

As she passed each street, she would give a warm smile and nod to the crowd.

The colors of spring dazzled brilliantly under the sun.

At this time, the whole general mansion was bustling with noise.

The red lanterns shone luminously. The red silks were dancing in the wind. The entire general mansion was like a ball of fire, full of joy.

Many of the ministers and officials came to celebrate.

Even those who were not ministers but held status came without being invited and congratulated Liu Yue.

Liu Yue’s general mansion was packed with people in just a while.

Outside, Yun Zhao was wearing a light blue robe and was holding a fan. His face looked purple but it was also beaming with happiness as well as he greeted the guests. He looked as if he was really Liu Yue’s brother.

“Aiya. You’re finally here. Come in, come in…..”

“Ah. Haha. Come sit over here. over here…..”

“Ahhhh. You’re late. You have to be punished……”

Seeing how much fun Yun Zhao was having entertaining the guests, Liu Yue knew that she chose the right man for the job.

The only other person Liu Yue could rely on was Du Yi. Du Yi was a cold person, and didn’t talk much. It would be bad if she asked him to entertain guests.

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    Not that I’m complaining, but I was surprised by how short this chapter was compared to usual. Still, thanks for the double chapter!

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