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DOP Chapter 269 – The Calm Before the Storm (12)

Chapter 269 – The Calm Before the Storm (12)
Translated by: Andy

One more in a bit. only one more chapter left in the arc.

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“You fox.” Liu Yue laughed as she leaned by the door and looked at him.

Hearing these words made Xuan Yuan Che shiver all over. He laughed and walked towards Liu Yue, “It won’t be fun if we kill him immediately. We can save our time and effort if we let him do the dirty work.”

Liu Yue smiled and leaned on his chest. This cunning bastard. This was the guy that she had fallen in love with.

She didn’t ask if he was going to really give the antidote. However, it didn’t matter to her. Even if Yuan Che gave them the antidote and spared them, she’s still there. She didn’t say anything about sparing them.

“Oh yeah. How did you get your hands on the Buddha Flower?” She asked. She was quite interested in how he got such a thing.

Xuan Yuan Che immediately started laughing very loudly. He sat Liu Yue down on the bed and said, “Buddha Flower? What Buddha flower? What I gave them was the Clear Qian Flower. It looks exactly like the Buddha Flower but it’s only a medium grade medicine. It is also very poisonous.

At first, even I couldn’t tell the difference. When I first saw this overseas, I got very excited. It was only later on that I found out it was a poisonous flower.

When I came back, I brought this thing back with me. I didn’t expect that I would have such a good chance to use it.”

The Buddha Flower can live for thousands of years. Even if the Hou Jin empire got their hands on it, they won’t start experimenting on it immediately. If something went wrong, it could potentially destroy the rare flower. Therefore, they had to study it before they could make any moves.

As a result, they fell right into my trap. Fei Cheng Lie will definitely ask for a tiny piece of it to use on Fei Yan.

To Fei Cheng Lie, he didn’t care if people got poisoned. However, if it’s his son, then that’s a different story. Since his son was infected by two types of poison, Fei Cheng Lie had no choice but to come by himself and that allowed us to to take advantage of him.

Hearing the explanation, Xuan Yuan Che was like a real fox in Liu Yue’s eyes. No. Not a fox, but a wolf. A very cold blooded wolf.

However, she liked him like this.

“Oh yeah.” Xuan Yuan Che looked at Liu Yue’s face and carefully stared at it. He had suddenly remembered something.

Liu Yue raised her brows, “What happened?”

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  1. Susan says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what her scratch on Fei Cheng Lie’s neck during the last fight scene was supposed to do.

    Thanks for the translation!

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