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DOP Chapter 268 – The Calm Before the Storm (11)

Chapter 268 – The Calm Before the Storm (11)
Translated by: Andy

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“I’ve already told you. I only want the drawing. I don’t care what you do to get it. I only want the outcome.” Xuan Yuan Che said while playing with the teacup in his hand.

It didn’t matter if he had to steal it or kill to get it. The result was all that mattered.

Saying that, Xuan Yuan Che release his aura to fill the room, causing Fei Cheng Lie to suffocate a bit.

Feeling the aura, Fei Cheng Lie shivered and glared at Xuan Yuan Che.

After deliberating for a bit, he clenched his teeth and stood up. It seems like he had finally decided, “Okay. I’ll get it for you. However, if anything happens to my son, don’t blame me if I bring you down with him.”

“If you get me what I want, I’ll get you what you want. As long as you can get me the drawing, I’ll give you the antidote.” Xuan Yuan Che glared at him.

“Remember. Seven days. You only have seven days to get the drawing. You’ll know what happens if you don’t get me the drawing or if the drawing is fake. I don’t need to say much. Hall master Fei, you’re a smart person right? I’m sure you’ll do the right thing.” Xuan Yuan Che reminded him.

Xuan Yuan Che then waved his hand towards the exit, “I’ll be waiting.”

Fei Cheng Lie couldn’t turn back anymore. He had made his decision already. He face remained calm and he left immediately without saying anything more.

Hou Jin was important. World domination was important too. However, his son was the most important compared to everything else.

Seven days. In seven days it will be Liu Yue’s “wedding”.

Seeing Fei Cheng Lie disappear into the night sky, Xuan Yuan Che let out a cold laugh. The is the laugh of a predator toying with its prey instead of killing them immediately.

Tianchen’s King of Yi was ruthless and coldblooded against his enemies. This was a known fact amongst the people.

Liu Yue came out of hiding when Fei Cheng Lie left. She saw the cold smile on Xuan Yuan Che’s face and looked up towards the sky.

She can already imagine the moment when the face Fei Cheng Lie will make when he realizes who this person is. He will definitely regret everything that he has done.

She is looking forward to when that happens.

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  1. lilygel says:

    I’m also looking forward when it happens, but I feel like it will take 50 chapters just to reach that point. Haha!

    Thanks for the chapt~ ( *• ̀ω•́ )b

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