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DOP Chapter 267 – The Calm Before the Storm (10)

Chapter 267 – The Calm Before the Storm (10)
Translated by: Andy

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Who in their right mind would tell Fei Cheng Lie what country they were from when asking for the landscape of the three countries drawing? Even if they named a country, anyone could tell that it’s a lie.

“No. Change it to something else.”

“Sure. Then you should go home and prepare for your son’s funeral.”

Holding his teacup, Xuan Yuan Che replied nonchalantly.

Fei Cheng Lie’s facial expression became more and more unsightly. He fiercely stared at Xuan Yuan Che. If his glare could kill people, then Xuan Yuan Che would already have his heart pierced by tens of thousands of arrows.

Lightly blowing the tea leaves in his teacup and without looking at Fei Cheng Lie, he coolly said, “The Hou Jin empire doesn’t have Fei as their family name. When you’re useful, you’re the plant master. But when you lose your value, you’ll be nothing. You only have one son. Think about it.”

His short speech didn’t sound serious at all. He didn’t try to pressure Fei Cheng Lie at all.

That’s right. He only had one son.

If it weren’t for the sake of his son, why would he meet this mysterious person alone.

His son. He only had one son left.

The room was filled with silence.

After a while, Fei Cheng Lie let out a deep sigh. He looks like he’s aged a few years while thinking about the consequences in his head.

He wiped the sweat off his head and lightly said, “I don’t have the landscape drawing with me. Someone broke into the secret chamber a few days ago and the Emperor took it back to the royal palace.’

“I know.” Xuan Yuan Che said surely.

It was precisely because he couldn’t find the drawing that he had to invite Fei Cheng Lie over.

Fei Cheng Lie looked at Xuan Yuan Che shockingly. The stone fort in West Cliff was created and reinforced by many of the previous plant masters. To be able to to enter without anyone noticing….. This…..

He should’ve known. After seeing the letter on his bed, he should’ve known that this person was an expert of some sort…..

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  1. Shadeslayer says:

    DOP chapter are short but what tension inside ! Thanks for the chapter. Have a hard time believing the traitor care so much for his son when he left the rest of his family behind.

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