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DOP Chapter 266 – The Calm Before the Storm (9)

Chapter 266 – The Calm Before the Storm (9)
Translated by: Andy

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Fei Cheng Lie grit his teeth and clenched his fists. In the midst of the silence, only the sound of his bones grinding against each other could be heard.

Taking a deep breath, Fei Cheng Lie suddenly slammed his hand onto the table. His expression became calm again and he coldly looked at Xuan Yuan Che, “Okay. What do you want?”

Just a while ago, when he didn’t know what to do with Fei Yan anymore, he found a mysterious letter in his stone fort.

The letter explained what had happened to Fei Yan after he ate a piece of the Buddha Flower.

Buddha Flower? Bullshit. It was a fake. A fake!

“Wow.” Xuan Yuan Che coldly laughed. “Now this is how the West Cliff’s plant master should act.”

“Just cut to the chase. What do you want? tell me.”

Being in the imperial court for so long, he must have some enemies. Fei Cheng Lie didn’t even know the kid and yet the kid was plotting against him. The mastermind must be someone else.

However, what he didn’t know was that, the person in front of them was Xuan Yuan Che, someone with a vendetta against him.

Standing up, Xuan Yuan Che leisurely poured himself another cup of tea. He took a sip and relaxingly said, “You should be like this from the beginning. Okay. I won’t waste our time. Give me the landscape of the three countries drawing. Only then will I help Fei Yan out.”

“What?” Hearing what he wanted, Fei Cheng Lie’s face became twisted.

“Who are you? Tianchen? Chen Empire? Zhao empire? What country are you from?”

The matter had escalated to a whole new level. It wasn’t about personal grudges anymore. The kid was asking him to sell his country out. He wanted him to become a spy.”

Xuan Yuan Che glanced at Fei Cheng Lie and chuckled, “It seems like the plant master’s brain had rusted from hiding in West Cliff for so long.”

Being mocked by Xuan Yuan Che, he could only grit his teeth and calm himself down.

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