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DOP Chapter 265 – The Calm Before the Storm (8)

Chapter 265 – The Calm Before the Storm (8)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

College is hard. Will try to get chapters out tomorrow. If not, I’ll post more on Friday.

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However, Xuan Yuan Che was very calm and firmly held onto his teacup. He wasn’t even bothered by the sword and continued to drink from the teacup.

“Give me the antidote or I’ll kill you.” Fei Cheng Lie yelled. His voice filled with rage.

“With the Buddha Flower, what kind of poison can’t you cure?” Xuan Yuan Che replied as he slowly put his teacup down.

However, Fei Cheng Lie’s face ashen from those words. It was better if Xuan Yuan Che didn’t say that.”

Fei Cheng Lie’s eyes looked as if it was about to spit fire. He was so angry that his veins started to pop out.

“Give it.” Fei Cheng Lie’s eyes turned red. His tightened his grip on the sword and moved it closer to Xuan Yuan Che’s neck.

Buddha Flower? This kid still dare talk about the Buddha Flower? That flower was a poisonous flower. A poisonous flower that poisoned his son even more.

This kid. It’s him. It’s was all him. This was all a part of his plan.

He gritted his teeth and his eyes became even more bloodshot. This kid had been scheming since the beginning.

“Hall master Fei. Your hands should be steadier. No one would care if I died, but your son is a different story. Seven days from now, his skin will rot and all of his meridians will explode. He will suffer for forty nine days before he die. I wonder how that’ll feel. Hehe…..”

Xuan Yuan Che slowly shook his head and even laughed.

Hearing this, Fei Cheng Lie was about to explode. His hands began to shake even more.

He only had one son left. It was his most beloved son. The only son that he brought out of Tianchen empire.

Today, the emperor had allowed him to take a tiny piece of the Buddha Flower for his son. He thought that his son would be fine after a while but instead, he immediately fainted.

He thought that this was part of the Buddha Flower’s effect. Who would’ve known that it was all planned by this kid.

With one finger, Xuan Yuan Che lowered the sword and reclined in his seat. He slowly turned and looked at Fei Cheng Lie, “The Buddha Flower. It’s a treasure that appears once in ten thousand years. Did you think that it would just appear so easily?”

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