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DOP Chapter 264 – The Calm Before the Storm (7)

Chapter 264 – The Calm Before the Storm (7)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

I tried to translate LLS last night. It was hard :'(
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Liu Yue had earned the Hou Jin empire’s complete trust.

The journey back to the the mansion was a chaotic one. When they had finally returned, Du Yi immediately dismissed everyone else and let the drunk Liu Yue sleep peacefully.

It was getting late at night and everything gradually quieted down.

After everyone left, Liu Yue quickly flipped over in her bed. The Liu Yue who was suppose to be unconscious and drunk suddenly opened her eyes. The look in her eyes did not show any signs of intoxication. In fact, she couldn’t be more sober than she is now.

She opened her windows and without making a noise, she slipped out of the general’s mansion.

Liu Yue was probably the only general in the world that had to be sneaky when leaving her own mansion.

She jumped over the walls and left the mansion. In the corner of the street, a crimson man was waiting for her.

Seeing that he had already arrived, Liu Yue smiled and extend her hand.

Walking a few steps forward, she held his hands. The two smiled and disappeared into the night.

Outside the Wucheng Conglomerate’s yard.

The two had just entered the house and they felt a strong wind from the outside. It seems like an uninvited guest had come.

Liu Yue’s face sank and immediately jerked her hand back.

However, Xuan Yuan Che pulled her hand towards him led to to the back.

Seeing this, she knew that Xuan Yuan Che already had something planned out. She immediately went and hid in the back room.

At this time, Xuan Yuan Che still had his disguise on. He slowly sat down at the table, lifted up the teapot and poured himself a cup of tea.

“Bang.” The uninvited guest didn’t want to hide anymore and struck down Xuan Yuan Che’s door. He rushed forward with murderous intent.

“It’s you.” the man man shouted in surprise. It seems like he was really surprised.

In the backroom, Liu Yue had heard the voice. It was Fei Cheng Lie. The person who came was actually Fei Cheng Lie.

Looking at the shocked and speechless Fei Cheng Lie, Xuan Yuan Che slowly held up his teacup and calmly said, “Hall master Fei.”

Such calmness. Is this the same anxious and inexperienced kid during the auction?

Fei Cheng Lie regained his composure and with quick movements, his sword had already reached Xuan Yuan Che’s neck.

His breath was filled with murderous intents as well. It seemed as if the whole room became dimmer and dimmer.

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