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DOP Chapter 263 – The Calm Before the Storm (6)

Chapter 263 – The Calm Before the Storm (6)
Translated by: Andy

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When disguised as a man, Liu Yue is able to attract many beautiful flower and butterflies. She is able to captivate the heart of young maidens. If she goes back to being a girl, who knows how many noble men will fall head over heels for her.

As a man, she attracts women; As a woman, she attracts men.

How was Xuan Yuan Che able to resist such alluring beauty. Just how strong is his mental capability.

Looking up at the sky, Du Yi shed a single drop of tear for Xuan Yuan Che’s future.

“Come come. Drink another cup. Ahh Liu Yue, your marriage to the seventeenth princess is in seven days. When the time comes, you better drink a lot,” the ministry of war laughed.

“Of course.” Liu Yue nodded. She then suddenly turned to the emperor and said, “Will the emperor be coming to the wedding as well?”

After she said that, everyone stopped talking and looked at Liu Yue.

Having the emperor personally attend the wedding…. That would be a great honor to the couple. Even if Liu Yue has done a great deed by rescuing the crowned prince, she’s asking for too much.

Hearing this, the emperor gave Liu Yue a glance.

Seeing that Liu Yue was acting indifferently, the emperor suddenly laughed.

Coming from the outside world, Liu Yue really has a lot of experience in life. To be so arrogant and yet humble at the same time. It wouldn’t do him any harm if he attended the wedding. Besides it’s very festive as well.

After laughing he replied, “Okay. When the time comes, I will personally come and host your wedding!’

When he said that, the ministers around all looked at the emperor and didn’t say anything.

Liu Yue nodded, “Great. Then this one will personally welcome the emperor when the time comes.”

Hearing this, Chen Fei laughed and intervened, “Then as the matchmaker, I should be there as well.”

Liu Yue gave a slight chuckle, acting as if she was happy.

The happiest one was the seventeenth princess. She was so happy that her face turned red again.

However, none of the people there saw through the coldness behind Liu Yue’s smile.

The stars shone brightly and the night breeze was blowing lightly.

Everyone at the banquet had become tired. Liu Yue who was drunk was brought back by Du Yi after the banquet had ended.

That night, the spies from West Cliff that were hiding around her mansion had all disappeared without Liu Yue noticing.

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