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DOP Chapter 262 – The Calm Before the Storm (5)

Chapter 262 – The Calm Before the Storm (5)
Translated by: Andy

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“General. Please drink.” the girl said softly and gently. Her sweet voice caused many people to fall for her immediately.

Of course, this didn’t include Liu Yue.

Liu Yue felt a shiver. Looking at the elegantly dressed girl in front of her, she could see that this was not a servant maid. Her cheeks began to twitch.

Liu Yue complied and held her cup out towards the girl.

Seeing the scene, Chen Fei began to laugh very loudly. Liu Yue must’ve been attracted to the beautiful girl.

He looked at Liu Yue with ridicule and said, “Ah Liu Yue, this is the wife that I have selected for you. I am good at this right? Take a look. This is my seventeenth sister. She should be a good match for you right?”

All the other guest heard this and started laughing.

During the times of war, etiquette was something that is rarely seen. The tradition of not seeing the spouse before marriage? That didn’t mean anything to them.

Hearing this, the seventeenth princess looked down even more in embarrassment. Her face was glowing bright red. She quickly moved and sat down next to Liu Yue and gently helped Liu Yue fill up her plate with food.

A light and delicate fragrant passed by Liu Yue’s nose causing her to flinch a bit. She hated the smell of perfume. She hated the fact that it disrupts her sense of smell.

However, she kept a calm and tranquil expression. She casually took a glance at the seventeenth princess and nodded.

All the ministers around laughed even louder.

Hearing Liu Yue’s approval, the seventeenth princess’ face turned even redder.

Her future husband was such an outstanding person. She’s really lucky to have someone like Liu Yue.

Under the royal lights, Liu Yue kept her calm look throughout the banquet.

Her handsome face was unparalleled under the lights. She looked more and more refine as the night went on. No one in the banquet could compare to Liu Yue.

Calm, noble, and peerless. She looks were unrivaled.

Du Yi who had followed Liu Yue into the eastern palace watched the whole scene and shook his head.

It seems like he needs to report such event to his previous master, Xuan Yuan Che.

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  1. Tsunami says:

    Correction: She casually took a glance at the seventeenth *prince* and nodded.
    should be *princess* i think, cause she marries a girl after all – and not another crossdresser 😉
    Also: *Her* looks were unrivaled
    and maybe change hearing her response to *seeing* because she only nods after all.

    ty for your work ^^

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