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DOP Chapter 261 – The Calm Before the Storm (4)

Chapter 261 – The Calm Before the Storm (4)
Translated by: Andy

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The man’s face was full of smiles. This Li Shi, he is the ministry of war and held a very high position in the empire. He was also the crowned prince’s grandfather, the empress’ father.

Liu Yue gave him a toast as well. She was being very straightforward.

“Good Good.” Chen Fei who was sitting in the front saw that Liu Yue was receiving praise from many of the high ranking officials and started laughing.

Not all of the officials in the palace were invited to the eastern palace. Only the ones with very high rankings like the three great generals, the ministry of war, and ministry of appointment were able to attend the feast.

The only insignificant figures here were all close friends of the crowned prince. They were all important people in Chen Fei’s future administrations.

This feast was basically a family styled gathering. Only a few people were able to attend. And now, by being here Liu Yue had become a part of the higher echelon in the empire.

After hearing the compliments from everyone, Liu Yue replied, “Haha. Protecting the prince something that I should do.”

Hearing all these praises, the emperor was more and more satisfied with Liu Yue.

He started to smile, “Haha. You have done a great service for the empire by saving the crowned prince’s life. However, since you’re a newcomer and don’t really have any merit, I can’t increase your nobility rank right now. Plus, you’re the prince consort so if I were to increase your nobility even more, people might criticize me. It won’t do you any good either. In the future, I’ll definitely not forget about this.

Hearing this, Liu Yue immediately stood up, “This….”

“General Liu, no need to be polite. We’re all like a family. If you perform, then it’s normal that you get rewarded for it. The Hou Jin Empire is very straightforward. If you do something good, you get rewarded. If you do something bad, you get punished.” Chen Fei said smiling, after cutting Liu Yue off.

“Right. It’s exactly like this.” One of the senior ministers smiled at Liu Yue and nodded.

A humble young man. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Hearing this, Liu Yue bowed and respectfully said, “Then this one thanks the emperor for his kindness.”

“Haha. Now this is more like it. You should be more like this.” The emperor laughed.

Taciturn with a cold arrogance. This is what Liu Yue should be like. The world’s strongest expert.

But being humble and honest isn’t bad either.

Seeing this, Chen Fei laughed and clapped his hands. A girl in a purple skirt appeared from the back carrying a jug of wine. Her head was down and her face was flustered as she walked towards Liu Yue.

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