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DOP Chapter 260 – The Calm Before the Storm (3)

Chapter 260 – The Calm Before the Storm (3)
Translated by: Andy

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“Your highness. Are you alright?” Fei Cheng Lie asked after looking around to make sure that there is no danger. He then handed the jade box to Chen Fei.

The prince wasn’t feeling vexed at all. He had already calmed himself down a while ago.

Chen Fei reached out and received the jade box. He opened it up and saw that the flower was still perfectly intact. A smile appeared on his face.

He slapped Liu Yue’s shoulders and said, “Good job.”

He didn’t say much. All he said was a simple good job. However, everyone in the hall could tell that he spoke with praise and happiness.

Before Liu Yue could say anything, Chen Fei started walking out of the hall.

Next to him, Fei Cheng Lie and the three hall masters followed him out.

Liu Yue did not follow them. Instead, she took a glance at Fei Cheng Lie and let out a cold laugh.

“Aiya. It hurts so much!” After everyone else had left, Yun Zhao got up while holding his waist.

Liu Yue raised his eyebrows at the scene. She didn’t get to see what happened to him before.

She could tell that he was putting on an act.

“Serves you right.” Liu Yue sneered. She then walked out of the hall as well. She was feeling really happy today.

“Hey bro, aren’t you a bit too heartless? How can you say that to me. I say…..” The sound of his endless chirping faded away as Liu Yue walked further and further away. The weather was really nice today, she thought.

A day passed and Liu Yue was summoned to the palace for a meal.

The palace lights shone splendidly under the dark night sky. The place was completely different than it was during the day. It gave off a much more royal feeling to it.

However, Liu Yue and the others were not in the royal palace. They were dining in the eastern palace.

The eastern palace was made of white jade and was filled with vermillion air. The crowned prince’s eastern palace was very refined.

“Ah. Son in law, come, come, have another glass of wine.” The emperor of Hou Jin smiled as he toasted to Liu Yue.

Liu Yue didn’t decline and raised her cup.

“Good. Execellent! As expected from the prince consort. Come. I, Li Shi, will drink in your respect! If it wasn’t for the prince consort yesterday, the crowned prince would have been in grave danger!”

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